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Other things you’ll need to think about when purchasing cord for your macramé projects include what the cord is made of and the size. Cord is made from a variety of different fibres, though, you can generally classify them into two different categories: synthetic and natural.

Natural fibres – such as cotton, wool, and hemp, are usually softer than synthetic fibres and much more popular among macramé enthusiasts. And if you’re looking to keep your hobby sustainable, natural fibres are the obvious choice as they’re biodegradable. To find out more about natural fibres, why not take a look at this comprehensive article from Free Macramé Patterns?

Synthetic fibres – such as polypropylene, nylon, and acrylic typically aren’t as soft as natural fibres, and they’re often made from plastic and animal products, so they aren’t usually eco-friendly. However, you can find synthetic cord that has been made from 100% recycled material. Synthetic fibres are also typically more durable than natural fibres, so for any projects that might have to spend some time outside – a tote bag or an outdoor plant hanger, for example – synthetic fibres are worth keeping in mind.

And finally, when choosing the thickness of your cord, there’s also no right answer – it’s mainly down to the size of your project. The general rule is the larger your project is, the thicker the cord. This doesn’t mean that you can’t complete larger projects with thinner cord – you might want to if you’re making a particularly intricate pattern – but bear in mind that the thinner your cord, the longer it’ll take you to complete your creation.

As for size, macramé cord is usually measured in millimetres, with small cord being between 1mm and 2mm, medium being between 3mm and 5mm, and anything over 6mm is thought to be large. You can expect most of your macramé projects to use medium-sized cord, and something around the 4mm and 5mm mark is usually recommended for beginners.

For more information on macramé cord sizing, why next check out this excellent blog post from Bochiknot?

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