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There are plenty of online videos that can teach you the basics of yoga in the comfort of your own home (or garden). You could try Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube – she has a free 30-day workout series which guides you through simple to moderate yoga moves.

Some people also find it helpful to join a live class from home where an instructor will take you and anyone else who has tuned in, through a yoga routine in real time. Although you won’t be in a room full of people (like you would during an in-person class), it can still be motivational to know that you’re one of many others currently watching and taking part in the same workout. 

If you want to give live classes a try, then yoga coaching programme, Yogaia, is free for the first two weeks – after which there’s an annual membership fee. Online fitness provider, Feelnoo*, also run online yoga classes, which you can join for a monthly fee. 

You could also try downloading a free app on your Apple or Android smartphone, which will allow you easy access to yoga routines from any room in the house – or even from your local park if that’s where you prefer to work out. The Yoga for Beginners app covers all of the essentials needed to get you started on your yoga journey. It also has soothing voice guidance that will help you to learn the moves, focus on your breathing, and clear your mind.

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