Arsenal vs. Manchester United Betting Predictions

Arsenal vs. Manchester United Betting Picks

Arsenal vs. Manchester United Betting Picks

The Premier League race is just about to be all wrapped up. We’re just a few fixtures away from the business end of the competition, and Arsenal seem to be back in the European football equations. As for Manchester United, while they still have theoretical chances, should they lose to Arsenal they’ll be 100% out of the equation. As for our Arsenal v. Manchester United betting predictions, this clash has all the makings of a cracker. There could be value hidden somewhere too, which is why we’re here to take a closer look!


🕒 12.30pm (UK)
🏟 Emirates Stadium
🆚 Manchester United
🏆 Premier League


— Arsenal (@Arsenal) April 23, 2022


-1 +240

Manchester United
+1 -120

• Draw is currently at +260
That’s it as far as the odds are concerned. Arsenal is coming into this one as the favorite following a dominant win over Chelsea last week. The teams’ moneylines aren’t too far apart, though, but at the first glance I reckon we can all agree Arsenal’s moneyline has far better value at +105… especially considering the form United is in at the moment.


The real question is – can Arsenal snatch a Champions League spot from Tottenham? At the moment, they’re tied in terms of points (57 both), but Tottenham has a far better goal difference.

Arsenal needs two dominant wins to tie the scenario, and Manchester United would realistically be a fine place to start.

Recent Matches

Even though Arsenal are the favorites coming into this one, and despite winning against Chelsea last week, you should know that Arsenal had been on a three-matches losing streak prior to that. And, mind you, it wasn’t against the best of ePL teams – it was against Crystal Palace, Brighton, and Southampton.
That said, Arsenal aren’t invincible, and United’s players ought to be well aware of that. But, United’s players will also be well aware of the fact they themselves are absolute sh*t at the moment, which gives another dimension to our Arsenal vs. Manchester United betting predictions.

Key Players

Arsenal’s youngster continue to be a force to be reckoned with! Smith-Rowe, Saka, and now Eddie Nketiah too. Arsenal’s future looks bright, and Arteta deserves much praise for it. But, can Arsenal’s youth affect our Arsenal vs. Manchester United betting picks that much?

Well, if their clash against Chelsea is anything to go with, they surely can!

Manchester United

Let’s start off with Manchester United, a team many have predicted to be at or near the top of the Premier League this season… but a team that near the end of the campaign is doing its best to snatch any sort of European football next season.

Here’s a closer look:

Recent Matches

Manchester’s entire season has been one massive rollercoaster. Their two latest matches perfectly depict that. First, a much-needed win against Norwich which took a Cristiano Ronaldo hat trick to come through.

But then, it was followed with a reckless 4:0 loss to their biggest-ever rivals in Liverpool. That was a nail in the coffin for Rangnick, that’s for sure, ETH immediately announced as his replacement.

Key Players

It’ difficult to say, really. Ronaldo’s recent hat trick against Norwich has put him back at the pedestal. But, recent family tragedy must’ve left a massive dark spot and is certain to affect his gameplay against Arsenal. Remember, he hasn’t played against Liverpool. He’s likely to start against the Gunners, though I am not sure if he’s going to be at his usual best.

Other than Ronaldo, I kid you not – Fred has been a pivotal player for Manchester United this season. The prolific Brazilian central defender has been moving up the pitch all year long and covering both boxes. He’s going to have a hard time against Arsenal’s rock solid defensive midfield, though.

Arsenal vs. Manchester United Betting Prediction

If you’re interested in betting on soccer today, here’s the main gist of this piece:

Pick: Arsenal

Odds: +105

$100 Could Win You…$220

That’s right, we’re going with a simple Arsenal moneyline at +105. It’s a straightforward bet, especially considering the circumstances, but one that should go through no matter how poorly Arenal end up playing.

How come? Well, it’s simple – Manchester United are a real mess at the moment and given the way Arsenal have played against Chelsea, they should be able to cruise to a win with 50% of their firepower.

Some of you probably expected something with a bit more oomph. Something like Arsenal -1 or along those lines. I won’t lie, the value is certainjly there… but for the sake of keeping this one as straightforward as possible, I’ve opted for a simple moneyline instead.

Arsenal vs. Manchester United Betting Recap

Oddsmaker: BetOnline
Moneylines: Arsenal +105, Manchester United +137, Draw +260
Spread: Arsenal -1 (+240), Manchester United +1(-120)
Prediction: Arsenal to win at +105

And that’s it for today, boys and girls!
Join us again next week as we continue our Premier League and Champions League betting predictions!

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