Astralis vs. NaVi Betting Predictions

Astralis vs. NaVi Betting Pick

Astralis vs. NaVi Betting Pick

Group D is at its tipping point! The group stage of ESL Pro League Season 15 is just about to be wrapped up, but several teams are still on the edge of qualifying for the playoffs. NaVi are in the ideal position right now, having won three from three (just like Heroic). But they still need to take Astralis down because let’s face it, Heroic will stomp over AGO.

As for our Astralis vs. NaVi betting picks, we’ll talk you through the key information about both camps and show you what exactly you need to figure this CSGO betting equation out.

Check out the standings of #ESLProLeague group D after the fourth day of play!

With 2 playoff spots left to secure let us know who you think will be taking them! ?

— ESL Counter-Strike (@ESLCS) April 1, 2022

There’s a lot of work ahead of us, so we might as well kick it off with the odds!


+1.5 -204

-1.5 +157

Here are the odds! If you’re interested in Astralis vs. NaVi betting picks, odds ought to help you understand the complexity behind this contest.


Let’s start off with Astralis! The Great Danes were supposed to have a big comeback this year but it just hasn’t worked out for them. Their new roster is showing great potential but they just can’t keep their form. They’re struggling to connect more than a few wins and it’s really showing… and it’s not even against top tier competitions, they had their fair share of proper blunders.

However, the match against AGO wasn’t one of them. Even though the Poles stood their ground on Mirage and frightened the Danes, BlameF was just unstoppable and turned out to be the real difference-maker in the end.

Nuke was always going to go in Astralis’ favor, right? AGO won 9, but they never really got to the point of anyone thinking they could win it. The thing is, I reckon we’re going to see a similar scenario tomorrow when Astralis vs. NaVi kicks off.

Astralis will stand their ground, that’s for sure. There’s a lot of things depending on this match and they won’t take it for granted. Astralis will stand their ground but I doubt they’ll ever look like the better team. I believe NaVi, thanks to Boombl4, will be in control of both maps. There, I’ve said it – NaVi will win this one 2:0!

Natus Vincere

Boombl4 is back, boys and girls! Headtr1ck’s stand-in time is all over, with Boombl4 expected to be returning for the match against Astralis! This ought to further complicate things for the Great Danes and pose as a turning point for our Astralis vs. NaVi betting picks.

As for Natus Vincere as a whole, even with Headtr1ck as the replacement, they’ve been absolutely brilliant. Three dominant wins against three solid opponents – a great way to start an event as important as this one.

But, NaVi’s work here is far from done. That’s not to say it’s going to be straightforward for them. Sure, they can lose against Astralis, but that would put them at 3:1 and they’d need to defeat Heroic in the final round to finish first and qualify for the quarterfinals.

Still, despite not having to defeat Astralis, the rivalry between the two will ensure the CIS powerhouse plays at its full potential. They have the firepower to take Astralis down and out and I’m pretty sure they’re going to use it!

Astralis vs. NaVi Betting Prediction

So, which way are we going here? Is there a straightforward moneyline that can sort this one out or will we succumb to the pressure and opt for a special?

Well, considering everything we’ve stated above, I reckon our Astralis vs. NaVi betting pick can go only one way – NaVi moneyline. Even though the CIS boys don’t necessarily need to win this one, their thirst for winning and keeping their unbeaten record up and running will prevail here!

At -200, the value is certainly there, especially with Boobml4 finally back in the starting roster.

$100 Could Win You…$150

Astralis vs. NaVi Betting Recap

Here’s the recap in case you’ve missed something:

Oddsmaker: BetOnline
Moneylines: Astralis +153, Natus Vincere -200
Spread: Astralis +1.5 (-204), Natus Vincere -1.5 (-125)
Prediction: NaVi to win at -200

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
You’ve reached the end of our Astralis vs. NaVi betting prediction. If you want more, don’t hesitate to scroll through our esports picks section. You’re bound to find more interesting stuff!
Until next time,
May the odds be in your favor!

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