Cashback websites: how to earn money when you shop online

It’s worth looking around at the different cashback websites out there to see what they offer. The rates on offer and featured brands differ greatly between websites, so it’s worth having a good search. Remember that you don’t have to restrict yourself to using just one, but if you’re planning on signing up to several, don’t forget to factor in whether you need to pay a fee and whether you shop online enough to justify joining.

The other thing that differs between sites is how long it takes for them to pay you, and what methods they use to distribute cashback (eg. cheque, bank transfer, PayPal). It may take up to three months for some sites to pay you, and some sites may set a minimum amount that you need to earn as cashback before they start sending you money (such as £25). All of this information should be laid out in the terms and conditions before you sign up.

If you’re still not sure about a website, have a look to see if anyone else has had a bad experience. Googling “[site name] review” or “[site name] payment” will tend to throw up any major red flags.

Here are a few cashback websites and apps that we like:

Topcashback – Members receive an average of £345 per year in cashback with Topcashback, according to the site, and you can even get cashback for purchases at some high street shops if you register your card with the app.

How much does it cost? Topcashback is free to join or download as an app, but a Plus membership costs £5 per month. This will be deducted from any cashback you earn, however, so if you don’t earn any cashback, you won’t have to pay anything.

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