Dating tips – 11 things to remember while searching for a happy and fulfilling relationship

These days, more and more people have taken their search for love online, and dating apps are now the starting place for many successful and happy relationships. But while online dating can offer many benefits, including connecting us with people who we would likely never meet otherwise, it can sometimes be problematic too.

Unfortunately, online dating platforms have added a new dimension to rejection, as people sometimes hide behind their screen and cut contact without having to provide an explanation as to why (a behaviour that’s now called ‘ghosting’). In fact, on some dating sites, you’re able to reject others with a single swipe.

While this may seem wonderfully efficient, if you’ve ever been cut off by someone you thought things were going well with, then you’ll also know that this can be disheartening. It can also leave you feeling self-conscious, as you spend time mulling over what went wrong. The lack of explanation in these types of online rejections can sometimes feel even harder to process than when it happens face to face.

However, as difficult as it is, it’s important to remember that this kind of behaviour is a reflection of the other person and not yourself. It reflects a certain cowardice, laziness, and/or lack of respect on their part. If you think about it, rejection is often uncomfortable for people on either side of it, so in some ways, it’s no wonder that many people jump at the opportunity to avoid it altogether online.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, then try not to take it to heart or let it knock your confidence. And most importantly, try not to let these experiences put you off dating apps altogether because they can be a great place to meet real and genuine people. It’s just best to be aware that ‘ghosting’ can happen. 

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