Dry January – what is it, what are the benefits and how can I get started?

You can take part in the month-long Dry January challenge without the help and support of Alcohol Change UK. However, many people find that downloading the Dry January app, and/or signing up for free coaching emails, can help them to stay motivated.

Downloading the free Try Dry app can help with accountability – as you’ll be able to track your calories and units, and see exactly how much money you’re saving. As you make progress, you’ll also be rewarded with badges, and will have the opportunity to set yourself goals and track your progress, even after the 31 days of the challenge are over.

While Dry January is popular in the first month of the year, you can also start your alcohol-free month any time, and the app offers a great year-round support system.

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If you want to stay connected to the Dry January community, by hearing stories from others, and getting daily updates and tips, then you might also like to sign up to receive free coaching emails. These emails can help you to feel part of the larger movement (which is great for motivation), and remind you why you started the challenge in the first place. You can either sign up for these via the app – or, if you’d rather not download the app, and you’d like to receive emails only, you can sign up for these here.

It’s also worth noting that while going booze-free can be challenging even under ‘normal’ circumstances, the stress and anxiety brought on by the pandemic can make this year’s Dry January feel different from other years.

To get tips and advice on how to undertake Dry January during this time, you might want to read this guide from Alcohol Change UK. Or, you might find some inspiration from reading other people’s stories who took part in the challenge last year.

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