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This season of European competitions, mainly Europa League and Champions League, is almost all wrapped up. Yes, there’s Conference League too, but who watches that, right?

The semi-finals are set! 🤩

🤔 Who’s heading to Sevilla? #UEL

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With the two main competitions nearly finished, soccer betting enthusiasts are trying to catch the last betting opportunities. Luckily, both Champions and Europa League betting lines are still out there, and we’re here to bring you closer to them.

Europa League Futures – Outright Winner Lines Seem Interesting

Let’s start off with currently available Europa League futures before moving onto individual semifinal (first leg) clashes.

Outright Winner

Even though we’re just four matches away from the grand finals, soccer bookmakers are still offering outright winner wagers. To reach the finals were available prior to the end of quarterfinals, but have now been replaced with advance bets.

Here’s a look at the outright winner odds for 2021/22 Europa League:

RB Leipzig to win at +110
West Ham to win at +200
Eintracht Frankfurt to win at +500
Rangers to win at +750

RB Leipzig, having beaten Atlanta in the quarterfinals, are the rightful favorites. The German team are enjoying themselves out there. They’ve been a force to be reckoned with in the Europa League, though their domestic performances in the Bundesliga have left much to be desired. They’re in third place, tough, which isn’t half bad… but from the looks of things, they’ll be in for a proper fight for Champions League football next season with the likes of Leverkusen and Freiburg.

The same goes for West Ham too! From the looks of things, they aren’t likely to get any sort of European football next season… unless they win Europa League, that is. They’re currently in seventh place, but with a rough schedule ahead and Wolves pressing on with a game in hand.

Eintracht Frankfurt’s Bundesliga season has been nothing but disastrous. Even though they’ve managed to overcome their poor form in Europa League, I reckon their chances of winning the EL title aren’t realistic. The same goes for Rangers who just aren’t on the same level as the likes of RB Leipzig and West Ham.

RB Leipzig vs. Rangers

First things first, let’s focus on RB Leipzig vs. Rangers, the first of two 2021/22 Europa League semifinals. The first leg will be played in Germany next week, so it’s no wonder Leipzig is the favorite. Here’s a closer look at the odds:

RB Leipzig to win at -267
Draw at +375
Rangers to win at +600

Can Rangers create one of the biggest surprises in European cups this season? Let’s face it – Rangers reaching the finals, not winning it, would be a proper miracle.

But, realistically speaking, RB Leipzig is the better team and after what they’ve done thus far this season, there’s just no way Nkunku and the boys fail to go all the way.

But, is RB Leipzig moneyline at -267 the right call for this one? I don’t think so! I reckon RB Leipzig to cover -1 spread is by far the better option. We’re not looking at raw odds here, but the value there is just unprecedented.

Can Rangers Do Anything to Suppress the Leipzig Machinery?

I for one don’t think so, especially in the first leg. The second leg that’ll be played in front of Rangers’ supports will be another cup of tea. However, chances are RB Leipzig will assert dominance in the first leg and have decent result that will practically guarantee them advancing through to the finals in May.

So yeah, that’s about it – RB Leipzig to cover -1 spread is the obvious way to go here.

West Ham vs. Eintracht Frankfurt

The second Europa League betting opportunity, West Ham vs. Eintracht Frankfurt, shows promise as well! The first leg is scheduled for next Thursday and it will be played at the London Stadium, West Ham’s home ground.

Let’s look at the odds before going any further:

West Ham to win at -115
Draw at +250
Eintracht Franktfurt to win at +280

What makes West Ham such a heavy favorite against Eintracht Frankfurt? After all, they’re not doing that well in their domestic league, the ePL. Well, you see, the same goes for Eintracht Frankfurt and their Bundesliga campaign.

Neither of the two are up there wih the best ePL and Bundesliga teams, but with West Ham having the home turf advantage in the first leg, they’re the obvious favorites.

But, can David Moyes’ men do the impossible and reach the grand finals of Europa League this season? Well, I for one think they can because everything depends on them to do so.

How come?

Well, it’s simple – to get any sort of proper European football next season, West Ham need to win Europa League this season. There’s no way West Ham can reach EL or CL through the English Premier League.

Plus, in-form stars like Jarrod Bowen and Michail Antonio are absolutely fuming with confidence and are bound to run circles around Frankfurt’s shaky defensive lines.

So yeah, as far as Europa League futures for West Ham vs. Eintracth Frankfurt are concerned, West Ham moneyline is the way to go. The value isn’t that good, but it will do you justice!

Wrapping Things Up

The Europa League 2021/22 season is just about to be all wrapped up. There just five more matches to go – four semifinal clashes and the grand finals scheduled for May 18th. If you’re a soccer betting enthusiast, you don’t have much time to waste – get your bets in and hope for the best!

With that in mind, thanks for reading the whole piece.

May the odds be in your favor!

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