Expert Luque vs. Muhammad 2 Betting Pick and Analysis

Luque Vs Muhammad 2 Apr 16 Sat

Luque Vs Muhammad 2 Apr 16 Sat

Luque vs. Muhammad – Luque

The UFC is back this weekend with a fun card live and free on ESPN+. In the main event, an intriguing welterweight rematch between Vicente Luque and Belal Muhammad is slated to take place. Today, I’ll be providing an in-depth Luque vs. Muhammad 2 betting pick with a close analysis of how this fight might play out.

This is a huge fight for the UFC’s welterweight division. The winner may find themselves competing in a number-one contenders fight later this year.

Here’s what you need to know about this exciting fight!

Here’s How to Bet on Luque vs. Muhammad 2 Online

The past four months have been hugely exciting for fans of the UFC. The world’s biggest MMA promotion is now slowing down, booking massive fights months in advance. The UFC’s next card is slated to take place this Saturday, headlined by a welterweight rematch between Vicente Luque and Belal Muhammad.

This is a fun card featuring many elite fighters. A growing number of fans around the world are growing interested in betting on how of these bouts. Most are looking to bet on how the exciting main event between Luque and Muhammad will play out.

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Now, let’s check out the odds for Saturday’s important main event matchup.

Luque vs. Muhammad 2 Odds

The UFC’s welterweight division is in a very interesting position. Kamaru Usman has proven himself to be a very dominant champion and is in serious need of new challengers. The winner of Luque-Muhammad may prove to be the next man to compete against him in the future.

More and more fans are growing interested in betting on how this fight plays out. There are some excellent betting options for fans to win big. Below is a look at the odds for Luque vs. Muhammad 2, courtesy of BetOnline.

Moneyline Odds
Over/Under 4.5

Vicente Luque
Over: -115

Belal Muhammad
Under: -115

There is a real argument to be made that the UFC’s welterweight division is the best in the sport. All of the fighters in the top-10 of this division are elite. It seems the oddsmakers feel that one man in this main event fight has a better shot at winning than the other.

Vicente Luque is coming into this bout as the -170 favorite. He is one of the most technical kickboxers in the UFC with fantastic submissions, as well. If this fight remains on the feet, he will have a major advantage.

Belal Muhammad is coming into this main event as the +145 underdog by all online sports betting sites. He has not lost since 2019 and holds wins over many elite fighters at 170 pounds. His wrestling is elite and most expect him to hunt for takedowns in this fight on Saturday.

The over/under odds for Luque vs. Muhammad 2 are dead even. The oddsmakers are having a difficult time predicting if this fight will end early or not. These men have very different fighting styles and it’s easy to see this fight ending in a variety of ways.

These odds will have an impact on how many fans form their Luque vs. Muhhamad 2 betting pick. Some initially felt that Muhammad would enter this bout as the favorite. Now, let’s look at some of the most important statistics these men are bringing with them into the Octagon.

Luque vs. Muhammad 2 Preview

As many are aware, Luque and Muhammad first competed inside the Octagon back in 2016. On that night, Luque managed to win via knockout. A lot has changed since that time and even the best MMA betting experts are having a difficult time predicting how the rematch might end.

Comparing statistics can be very helpful when coming up with a fight prediction. I have taken a close look at the most important numbers these men are bringing into the Octagon. Check out these figures below.

Vicente Luque
Belal Muhammad




Total Fights



The odds for this bout are very close for a good reason. The statistics these men are bringing with them into the Octagon are very even, as well. One fighter seems to be coming in with the most advantages, though.

Vicente Luque has clear physical advantages in this bout. He is taller and possesses a more than three-inch reach advantage. Muhammad is an extremely strong competitor, though, and may have even better cardio than Luque.

Both of these fighters are very experienced in the UFC. Vicente has a far more impressive finishing rate, with 19 wins out of 21 career wins. Belal has only five stoppages to his name, only two of which came in the UFC. That helps to explain why all online MMA betting sites list him as such a large underdog.

These are some very interesting figures. It’s clear that Vicente Luque has some notable things working for him leading into fight night. His extremely high finishing rate, in particular, may be what ends up swaying the Luque vs. Muhammad 2 betting pick that many fans come up with.

Numbers certainly do not mean everything in a high-level fight. This is a bout that will come down to who is more skilled. Below is a look at how I see each man approaching this exciting fight.

Vicente’s Goal

Vicente Luque has always been a very elite fighter. He seems to finally be in the prime of his career, winning his past four bouts all by stoppage. Luque tends to rely mostly on his striking in fights and will almost surely look to do that in this bout against Muhammad.

You don’t want to miss this one!! April 16th five rounds of war, I can’t wait to put on a show for all the fans watching 🔥

— Vicente Luque (@VicenteLuqueMMA) March 21, 2022

In the first fight, Vicente was able to utilize his powerful boxing skills to knock Belal out cold. I believe he will rely primarily on his hands in this fight, too. Belal could catch Vicente’s kicks and land takedowns, yet it will be far harder to counter Luque’s punching in any meaningful way.

I believe that the knees of Luque will be an effective weapon, as well. Luque could make Belal question shooting for takedowns if he eats a knee or two coming in. Vicente should do his best to stay on the feet, using powerful boxing combinations and knees as Muhammad shoots for double-leg takedowns.

Belal’s Goal

Belal Muhammad is a gritty fighter that sacrifices style points to grind out wins. He prefers to work his grappling skills to control opponents. That has not exactly made him a fan favorite, yet has led him to 11 wins out of 15 UFC bouts.

Muhammad will almost certainly look to grind Luque out in this fight. I expect him to push Vicente against the cage and look for takedowns. Once on top, he will maintain good posture and look to land hard punches and elbows. A fairly common Luque vs. Muhammad 2 betting pick is on Belal winning via decision using this strategy.

Most agree that Belal is in danger while on the feet. He should not attempt to get into a kickboxing matchup with Vicente for an extended period of time. Control should be the goal for Vicente and he should try to get Vicente to the mat while avoiding his submissions over all five rounds.

Final Luque vs. Muhammad 2 Betting Pick

Vicente Luque and Belal Muhammad are some of the only fighters in the top-10 to not have already fought against Kamaru Usman. Both men present interesting challenges for the champion. They know what is at stake in this bout and will likely do everything they can to earn an impressive victory.

Coming up with this Luque vs. Muhammad 2 betting pick was harder than I initially expected it to be. These men have completely different fighting styles. The winner will be who is able to implement their game plans more effectively.

Check out my official prediction below!

Vicente Luque wins via 3rd-round TKO

Vicente Luque is perhaps the most dangerous fighter in the UFC’s welterweight division right now. His kickboxing skills are extremely good and his submissions are always on point. I believe that the punching ability of Vicente will be what earns him the win on Saturday.

I expect a back-and-forth battle over the first two rounds, with Luque landing the more effective strikes. The damage will pile up and Belal will begin to get desperate. This will lead Vicente to land a hard shot in the third round that leads to a TKO victory.


The UFC made a good decision to book this rematch. Both men have found major success since their first bout and are now on the brink of cracking into the top-5 of the welterweight rankings. Those stakes should make this a very exciting fight from start to finish.

Make sure to head over to BetOnline today to find a full list of odds for Saturday’s UFC card. The prop betting odds for these bouts are offering fans some major opportunities to win big.

What do you think of my Luque vs. Muhammad 2 betting pick? How do you see this upcoming fight playing out? Let me know in the comments section below.

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