Have you followed up on your job application?

When considering how to contact a prospective employer to see whether your application has been successful or not, employers often prefer job candidates to send an email or a private LinkedIn message rather than call them out of the blue.

If the job posting provides a contact name or email address for the person dealing with the applications, then you can email or message them directly. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to have a good look at the general contact details on the company’s website to find the most suitable email address to use. If the only contact email address available is a generic one, like [email protected] (without a specific person attached), then just be sure to write a clear subject line indicating that you’re following up on a specific role, so that it can be directed to the right person.

Because neither an email or a LinkedIn message require an instant response, you’ll be enabling whoever is dealing with the applications to go away and look at your application again before getting in touch with you.

Giving the company a nudge to let them know you’re waiting while allowing them a bit of extra space to track down your application is likely to lead to a fuller, more helpful response.

Author: wpadmin

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