How digital skills can benefit career changers

The recent pandemic created a great deal of uncertainty and instability in the job market. Many people were furloughed or laid off, and many who remain in their jobs might feel worried about the future. This career anxiety is one of the main reasons that people across all age ranges are thinking about making a career change.

Research from Microsoft found that more than four in ten over 45s are considering switching careers. Nearly a third of these are being driven to do so by fears around financial stability and over a quarter are concerned about the rising state pension age, which is now 66 for both men and women.

If you too have been thinking about making a career change, then you might be wondering what your options are and what new skills you could benefit from learning.

Although it’s difficult to assess or determine what jobs could be considered future-safe, what we do know is that, in an increasingly technological world, digital skills remain invaluable across a wide range of professions – especially now many more people are working from home.

In addition, Microsoft has predicted that there will need to be a further three million skilled people in UK technology careers by 2025, to keep up with the pace of technological demand.

Simon Lambert, Chief Learning Officer at Microsoft, said, “There has never been a greater need for individuals to invest time in upskilling and developing their digital skills. There is a dangerous misconception that the tech industry is just an industry for the young.

“The truth is that we need people with a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, and ages. And we need them now to fill the growing skills gap which, left unplugged, will significantly impact the UK’s recovery. I’d encourage anyone who is considering exploring an encore career to look at the opportunities available at Microsoft Digital Skills Hub for advice on how to get started.”

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