How do I make an insurance claim?

Making a claim for life insurance, critical illness cover, income protection or private health cover can work a bit differently to making a claim on your home, car or travel insurance.

With private health insurance, you’ll usually need to obtain a referral from your GP for a private doctor. Once you’ve been referred, you should contact your provider with details about your diagnosis, treatment and referral in order to make a claim and get the treatment approved.

With life insurance, critical illness cover or income protection you should call the provider first (with the relevant documents) to find out what the procedure is before making your claim. With life insurance, of course, you will be claiming on a policy bought by someone else, so make sure you know who the provider is for people very close to you, such as your partner, and that you have copies of all the relevant documents. Likewise, if you have bought a policy yourself, it makes sense to ensure that your beneficiaries have everything they need to make a claim.

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