How much does it cost to move house?

Removal costs

The costs of removals will vary depending on the size of the property, how much furniture you have to move, and what kind of service you’d like; for example whether you’d like the removal company to pack for you too or just move.

If you don’t have that much to move and have some friends who are willing to help out, you could consider hiring a van and doing it yourself to save some cash. However, if you’ve got quite a lot to move, it’s advisable to use a removals company.

In 2020, estimated the average costs for home removals covering a 10 mile distance:

Size of the propertyAverage removals costOne or two bedrooms£300Three bedrooms£458Four bedrooms£682Five bedrooms£871

To find a good removal company, it’s always worth checking independent reviews, having a look at the company’s trading history and longevity, as well whether it’s a member of the British Association of Removers, or if it offers a dispute resolution via the Ombudsman Services.

You can use this tool on HomeOwners Alliance or this one on to compare house removals quotes. Simply enter the size of your current property, the postcode of each property, your estimated moving date, and it will draw up a range of different options.

It’s also a good idea to check whether the removal company you hire is insured. And if you’re doing the removal yourself, it’s worth thinking about arranging insurance cover. Many home insurance policies will cover your move, especially if you employ a professional removals company, so it’s worth checking your existing cover.

Self-storage costs

If there’s a delay between moving out of your current property and into your new home, then you might need to put some of your belongings in self-storage.

There are a few factors to consider when shopping around for self-storage, including the location of the storage facility, its accessibility, and standards including level of security.

The price of self-storage will vary depending on a few factors including the size of the unit, its location, replacement value, and length of use. However, as a general guide, the Self Storage Association’s 2020 annual industry report marked the average self-storage rental cost at £23.11 per year per square foot.

To find a storage unit near you and get a quote, you might like to use this tool on Safestore.

Cleaning costs

It’s likely that your house will need a thorough clean once you’ve moved all of your belongings out of it, but this is probably the last thing you want to be doing in the midst of a house move. And if you’re moving from a rental property, it’s important that you leave it clean and tidy in order to avoid any additional charges from your landlord.

With this in mind, you might be interested in paying for a professional cleaner to clean your property before the new tenants arrive. End of tenancy cleaning costs will usually vary from £110 for a studio flat, up to £250 for a four bedroom house. And for regular house cleaners, average prices usually range between £10 and £20 per hour but will vary depending on the type of cleaning required and location of the property. You can browse different services and find cleaners near you on websites such as and Proactive Cleaners.

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