How practising gratitude can lead to a happier life

The speed at which you live your life can have a significant impact on how grateful you feel for the things in it because it’s difficult to cherish things if you’re always rushing past them. For instance, did you really enjoy the tastes, smells, and textures of your lunch or dinner? Or did you not really pay much attention because you were thinking about or doing something else at the same time?

Last year, we interviewed journalist and modern philosopher, Carl Honore, who believes that the key to living a happier, more fulfilled life is to slow down and live life at a pace that allows us to be more mindful.

Carl had a lightbulb moment one day whilst reading a bedtime story to his young son. He found himself skipping lines, paragraphs, and even whole pages in an attempt to get through it more quickly, so he could get on with other things. At one time, he even contemplated buying a collection of 60-second bedtime stories, so that he could speed up the process even more.

It was at this point that Carl realised that he was racing through life, rather than really living it – so, he began looking into the concept of ‘slow living’ and has since become the voice of the ‘The Slow Living Movent’.

Carl encourages people to live in the moment more by doing things like disconnecting from technology, practising meditation, and saying no to invitations or requests that you simply don’t have time for in your day. You can read the full interview with Carl here.

You might also want to check out our introductory guide to mindfulness, which will walk you through how to set aside some time each day to really live in the moment. You can do this by paying closer attention to your body and your surroundings. For example, by taking five minutes to focus on the breath entering and leaving your body and being grateful for that breath, or taking some time in the morning to sit and watch the sun come up while appreciating a brand new day.

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