How Prerana became a published author at 68

Having enjoyed a successful career as a business consultant, Prerana felt it was time to take all of her life experience forward and try something new.

She explained that she first had the idea of creating a self-help book in 2018, age 65. At the same time, she also found a passion for mosaic making and began taking short courses at The London School of Mosaic.

She says, “I had dabbled in other forms of art such as still life drawing and photography. But the texture, the flow of fragments of stone, marble, ceramics, and glass coming together as a whole fascinated me. I decided to take up short courses in mosaic making to learn the techniques from the professionals and there was no turning back.”

In April 2022, now grandmother-of-two Prerana celebrated becoming a first-time author with the publication of her book, A Different Life: Piece by Piece, which her mosaic artwork served the illustrations for.

She says, “Throughout my career, I’d always been the one advising others and I was just itching to design something myself. I wanted to combine my love for art with my life experience and write a book that’d help people change their mindset for the better.

“I gave up my work as a business consultant to become an author and follow my love of art. I want to show people that whatever your age or stage of life – if you’re passionate about something, you can get it done.”

Taking around three years to complete, Prerana explained that writing and designing her book wasn’t always straightforward.

She says, “The book has definitely gone through many changes and I soon found that it’s really quite difficult to write things about yourself and your personal life. At the start, I definitely wasn’t writing the full story, but thanks to my editor who encouraged me not to be afraid of making it more explicit, I gradually became more confident writing about my own experience.”

The result was a book full of honest memoirs written to encourage positive changes – accompanied by beautiful mosaic artwork, which also tells its own story.

Prerana says, “I liken the texture in mosaics to the ups and downs of life and the paths that we choose. One technique that I use, ‘Pique Assiette’, literally means art from broken china or ceramics. Each piece used brings with it its own special meaning and history to the finished piece, which can represent our lives.

“A Different Life: Piece by Piece is an uplifting and easy read with lots of nice images, so you can dip in and out as you please and look at the contents table to see what appeals to you in that moment.”

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