How to ask for a pay rise

Prepare your case: Take some time to think of reasons why you deserve a salary rise. To solidify these in your mind it’s worth writing them down, and reading them to yourself or out loud to ensure you’re confident when you come to talk to your employer.

Think about how you’d compromise: If you’re hoping for a pay rise of 5%, you might want to think about asking for 10% and be willing to meet in the middle. If your request for a pay rise is refused, consider if there are any other benefits that are worth asking for. Perhaps you’d like more flexibility to work from home, for example, more holiday, or simply more support from your manager. If you’re feeling particularly stressed with too many responsibilities, ask if you can share the load with some of your colleagues. 

Request a meeting in person, or by video call: Make sure to give your boss some warning by requesting a meeting and saying that you’d like to talk about a pay rise. Ideally, the meeting will be in person, but it may also be via a video call if you’re working from home. Alternatively, and depending on how busy your boss is, and your relationship with them, you may feel it’s best to put the reasons why you believe you should receive a salary rise in an email. 

Present your case confidently: How much of a rise do you want, exactly, and why? What are your reasons for asking? What skills and achievements do you have that mean you should receive an increase? Think about the language you use to convey this too. Mckenzie said: “Be mindful of turns of phrase/language that undermines the impact of what you are communicating, such as “I just wanted”, “Does that make sense?” and “Would you mind if…”

Demonstrate your value: It’s worth having some examples that show you’re an important team member who contributes value to the company. This may be, for example, particular projects you’ve done, or positive feedback you’ve received. 

Give them time to respond: Once you’ve stated your reasons, give your boss time to prepare their response. It may be that they need to consider the company’s budget, for example, or speak to others before agreeing to a rise. Don’t demand that your boss respond by a specific deadline.

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Have you recently asked for a pay rise, or have you any tips for doing so that you’d be willing to share? We’d be interested in hearing from you. You can join the money conversation on the Rest Less community or leave a comment below.

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