How to build more joy into your daily life

How to build more joy into your daily life

Do you love walking in the hills, but haven’t been hiking for months? Can you commit to put aside a day this month to get into the countryside, take a picnic and reconnect with nature?

Maybe you’d like to visit a health spa and treat yourself to a facial or body massage. Or, if you can’t get yourself to a spa at the moment, perhaps you could allocate an hour or two to hide yourself away in the bathroom, light candles, play some soothing music, and put on a home face pack while soaking in a hot bubble bath. You could also give yourself a pedicure with a new nail polish to recreate some of that spa feeling.

If you like to travel and discover new places, why not get excited by planning your next trip abroad? Or, if you’d prefer to stay closer to home, you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t know was on your doorstep. Put the same effort into researching what to do in your hometown as you would if you were visiting for the first time, and you could be surprised at what is available to you that you’ve never had the time to explore before.

Looking at your list, if most of your activities are job related, and you’re not currently working or are planning not to work, how can you recreate the fun experiences or the joyful feelings you get after doing those work activities in ways that are not to do with your job?

If most of your chosen activities are done with other people, or are fast-paced and physical, what does this tell you about possible future career or life choices? Or, if you like to do activities alone, that are slow-paced or mind related, what in turn does that say? What hobbies might you consider? What volunteering or new work could you do that will provide similar experiences to those you listed, and create the same feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment?

Looking after and being kind to ourselves is an essential part of self-care. It’s sometimes tempting to focus on all the things you can’t do, but I’d love you to get creative and think, what can I do that I enjoy to get those endorphins flowing, even just a little?

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