How to claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight

Whether your flight was cancelled or delayed, the process for making a claim is the same. To start the claims process, make sure you know exactly how much compensation you think you’re entitled to. There are a number of calculators that can help you work this out, including this compensation calculator from Which?.

When you’ve worked out how much you might be entitled to, you can start making your claim. The best way to do this is by going directly to the airline concerned and either following their compensation claims process or sending an email or letter to their customer services department. There are free online tools available, such as Resolve,r that say they can help you make your claim, but beware, some airlines won’t accept any claim made through a third party, so it’s usually safest to start by going directly to your airline.

If your airline has its own process, it will likely ask you for all of the following information. If you need to email your airline with your complaint, make sure you cover all of the below points clearly and concisely and outline exactly what compensation you are expecting. Regardless of the method, it’s useful to gather the below information in advance of making a claim:

Your name and contact detailsThe names and contact details of any other passengers you are making a claim for – if you all have the same surname, you will be able to make a claim on behalf of everyone, however, if there are different surnames on your booking, you will need a signed letter of authority from that person to make a claim on their behalfYour original flight details with booking referenceDetails of the delay or cancellation – outlining how delayed your arrival time was and any other information that you feel is relevantAnything else you need to make a claim for, for example, you might need to make a claim for transport to and from the airport and/or overnight accommodation, with copies of all relevant receipts.

To find out whether you’ll need to write a letter or fill in a form, visit your airline’s website or call their customer service. Here are the links to the complaints sections of some of the largest UK airlines:

For more information on how to make a successful claim, have a look at the Civil Aviation Authority’s list of tips on complaining here.

Once you’ve submitted your claim, your airline should come back to you with its decision on whether you are entitled to compensation or not. If they don’t come back to you, or you disagree with the outcome, you can escalate it to a third party. Some airlines and airports are members of alternative dispute resolution bodies (ADR) and when your airline replies to you, they will usually provide you with the details of the relevant ADR scheme, if they are part of one. You can see the detail of ADRs on the Civil Aviation Authority’s website.

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