How to find a job in your 50s or 60s

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We’re always surprised by how many people do not attach a cover letter – it’s a massive missed opportunity to stand out and demonstrate that you are a serious applicant.

Employers receive hundreds of applications and it can be difficult for them to narrow these down to a shortlist. But, one thing that does help employers judge the strength of an application is whether or not the applicant has taken the time to write a cover letter.

A cover letter is your opportunity to let your personality shine and explain anything that your CV doesn’t. For example, if you’ve got gaps in employment, your cover letter is the place to explain why and what you were doing instead.

No matter what your reasons are for employment gaps, always try to highlight the positives. For example, if you were forced to take a break due to injury or illness, you could talk about the resilience you developed as a result.

Your cover letter should always highlight your most recent skills, experience, and accomplishments, as well as let the employer know what you could potentially do for their company. It’s also your opportunity to tell an employer why it is that you particularly want to work for their company.

This is your first chance to speak directly to the employer and make a lasting first impression… so make it count!

If you’d like some help crafting your cover letter, then why not take a look at our article Tips for writing a cover letter when you’re over 50? Or, you might want to check out the cover letter writing services and templates we have available on our site.

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