How to find inner peace – 10 things you can start doing today

Before we examine some of the ways we can find inner peace, it’s important to understand exactly what the phrase means.

Finding inner peace might evoke images of someone meditating on a remote mountaintop, or at the least relaxing at a peaceful wellness retreat. And while it’s true that inner peace is often associated with Buddhism, it doesn’t have to be about religion or spirituality. It’s just about a state of mind.

When you have inner peace, your mind is quiet – free from worry and harmful negative thoughts. You carry a sense of peace within yourself, so even during times of stress or chaos, you have the ability to remain calm and peaceful.

Achieving inner peace doesn’t mean being passive or quiet, or not having any fun. It doesn’t have anything to do with how you appear from the outside. It isn’t about what’s happening in your daily life at all. Rather, it’s a state of mind that allows us to let go of stresses and worries that weigh us down and reconnect with our true selves.

Inner peace can give us clarity, happiness, and contentment. It can teach us to accept ourselves and accept change, to become more resilient, and to be the best possible version of ourselves we can be. It can give us the peace of mind we need in a world that’s deafeningly loud.

It’s important to know that peace of mind doesn’t require actual peace and quiet. A good analogy for inner peace is the ocean. While on the surface the tides and waves can be violently crashing, if you sink a few metres below, you enter a new world entirely removed from the turbulence – a deep, calm place where life moves at its own pace, unphased by the chaos on the surface.

You could be on the London underground, packed into a noisy train carriage surrounded by other people… but if you close your eyes you can still reach this deep, quiet place.

Achieving inner peace may seem like a lofty goal, but all of us have this calm and quiet awareness within ourselves. It’s a state of mind that’s accessible for everyone – we just need to know how to access it. So how can we go about doing that – today?

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