How to help people struggling with energy costs

There are several charities which aim to help those who might be struggling to pay their energy bills. These include:

1) National Energy Action (NEA) is a charity working to end fuel poverty in the UK. Nearly 40 years-old, the charity helped more than a million people access support from 2019-2020 alone, through advice, training, and advocacy. NEA accepts donations, and at the moment are encouraging people to donate their £150 council tax rebate if they are able to. This rebate applies to anyone in council tax bands A-D. You can donate to NEA here.

2) If you live in an area with a community foundation, ask if it is participating in Surviving Winter, a campaign which aims to tackle fuel poverty among the older and vulnerable. Foundations taking part will accept donations, and typically encourage people who receive the Government Winter Fuel Payment to donate it if they don’t personally need it. Even if your local community foundation is not taking part in the campaign, there is nothing stopping you from donating to one elsewhere. You can find your nearest community foundation at UKCF (

3) Wrap Up is an annual scheme that encourages donations of warm coats in the later months of the year, in order to donate them to those who need them. The coats are distributed to charities and organisations that help the homeless, elderly, refugees, children and families living in poverty and people fleeing domestic violence. You can find your nearest Wrap Up campaign on their website.

4) Turn2Us is a UK charity that provides a benefits calculator, assistance with finding and applying for benefits, and their own grants (the Turn2us Elizabeth Finn Fund, the Turn2us Response Fund, and the Turn2us Edinburgh Trust). One of their main focuses is connecting people who are struggling with energy and water bills with the resources they need. You can donate to Turn2Us here.

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