How to land a job that you’re “overqualified” for

When you’ve got years of skills and experience, it can be tempting to try and include too much information on your CV – especially about things you’re particularly proud of. But it’s likely that not all of this information will be relevant to the role you’re applying for, and will make your CV much longer than it needs to be.

An employer can often receive hundreds of applications for a single job, and if your CV is more than two pages long, there’s a good chance they’ll become overwhelmed and move on to the next, more concise application.

While it’s important to list places you’ve worked, job titles you’ve had, and core skills you’ve picked up along the way, any additional details or examples from more than 10 years ago should only be included if they demonstrate your ability to do the job you’re applying for – otherwise, it becomes irrelevant.

It’s more important to summarise a list of your relevant skills and experience at the start of your CV in a brief personal summary than it is to give extensive information about jobs you did 20 years ago.

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