How to reduce your water bills

If you’re having trouble paying your water bills you should first talk to your supplier. It’s possible that they might be able to offer a more affordable repayment scheme, or a temporary break from payments. Find out more in our article Get help with your bills.

Alternatively, if you’re struggling with your water bills then you might like to see if you’re eligible for the WaterSure scheme. If you’re on benefits, or if you need to use a lot of water due to a medical condition or the number of school-age children living in your property, you may be eligible for help to pay your bills.

To qualify you must have a water meter, or be in the process of having one installed. When applying for the scheme, you’ll also need to provide evidence of your eligibility, for example a copy of an awards notice for any benefits you receive, or medical evidence of a condition and an explanation of why it causes you to use more water.

Getting help through the WaterSure scheme means your bill will be capped and you won’t have to pay more than the average meter bill in your area.

If you’d like to read more about the WaterSure scheme or are interested in applying, then you can find more information on the Citizens Advice website.

It’s also worth exploring other ways you might be able to reduce your outgoings, as this could make it easier to cover your water bills. Find out more in our articles How to save money – 17 ways to cut costs and Seven ways to save on your household bills.

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