How to save on mobile costs when you go on holiday

If you have holidays booked and want to avoid racking up hefty roaming charges, your best first step is to check your mobile provider’s policy on roaming, whether it applies in the country you’re visiting, and how much they charge.

Your provider may offer a roaming bundle that allows you to buy days’ worth of data, texts and minutes for cheaper in advance. For example, Vodafone offers eight-day and 15-day passes at a rate of £1 per day. Some providers also offer more expensive long-term plans that include roaming at no extra cost, such as Vodafone’s Xtra plan, which you might consider if you travel very frequently.

Although they are among the providers reintroducing roaming charges in the EU, Three do not charge for roaming on their pay-as-you-go SIM cards. This means that even if you are not a customer with their mobile network, you can order this card and use it as a temporary replacement for your usual one while away. Mobile data on these cards can be used in over 70 destinations, including the EU, USA and Australia, with no extra roaming charges and no contract.

You can either buy this card with the data pre-added, or order one for free and top it up as you see fit. Simply replace your usual SIM card with the pay-as-you-go one while you are away, bearing in mind that your number will also change with the different card installed. Just remember that you need to use the card at least once in the UK first, and that it has to be used once every six months to remain active.

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