How to show respect and support for people observing Ramadan

Another way to show support, solidarity, and respect to the Muslim people during their holiest month is to share in the spirit yourself – and you can do this in whatever way you choose.

For example, you can do something as little as using the time to think more reflectively about yourself – your thoughts, actions, and how they affect others. Ramadan is a time for introspection and working out how you can be a better person.

You could also make an effort to spend more time with your friends and family, as this is another fundamental part of Ramadan.

Alternatively, you could go a step further and get involved in a charitable cause, or even observe Ramadan yourself.

Many Muslims welcome non-Muslims to observe Ramadan through fasting, abstaining from things and activities that are considered to be impure, and attending services – so that they too can practise self-restraint and gratitude, and reflect on how they can be a better person/part of their community.

Lots of mosques and other organisations host multi-faith Iftar events that you can attend across the country. Or, if you’re close with a Ramadan-practising Muslim family, you could ask them about how you can get involved.

However, if you want to join in with Ramadan as a non-Muslim, it’s important to do so with the right intentions. Remember that Ramadan and its traditions are incredibly meaningful to Muslim people and should always be respected.

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