How to write a letter to your future self that you’ll treasure forever

As we go through life, it’s easy to forget about some of the important decisions, promises, and other life-altering events that have helped shape us. But taking note of how much we’ve achieved and overcome can help to give us a deeper self-awareness, increase gratitude, and light the way towards future goals and ambitions.

One effective way to give yourself affirmation about who you are and where you’re going is to write a letter to your future self about your fears, core values, and future goals.

The liberating thing about penning a note to future you is that – much like journaling – there are no rules. It can include anything that’s important to you, or that you think you’d want your future self to remember in one, five, or even 10 years time.

For example, if you’ve recently experienced heartbreak and come out the other side, you could write a letter to your future self to read if it ever happens again; reminding yourself that as devastating as it feels right now, you will get through this – because you have before.

Or perhaps you could include memories of parents, grandchildren or other family members that you would love to remember and treasure later on. Whatever you decide to write about, always keep in mind that this letter is yours, and yours alone, and can take on whichever form you like.

As with many writing exercises, often the hardest part is getting started. You might wonder how best to structure your letter, which year you want your future self to read this letter, and how to choose what to write about.

Here, we’ll briefly outline the benefits of writing a letter to your future self, and give you a few ideas to help you on your way.

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