“I’m managing to keep it under control – and long may it last!” – Henrietta, on her experience living with osteoporosis

Managing osteoporosis with a healthy diet and plenty of exerciseAccording to science, one of the best things that people living with osteoporosis can do is to stay active and follow a diet that’s low in salt and high in fresh, unprocessed foods.

For example, studies show that exercising regularly can reduce the rate of bone loss and also lower the chance of having a fall – which are the main cause of bone fractures – by building muscle, and improving strength and balance.

In line with this advice, alongside her prescribed medication, Henrietta explained that she prioritises staying active and following a healthy diet.

She says, “One of the main things that I do to prevent my osteoporosis from worsening is exercise. Luckily, we live very close to Battersea Park, so I like to walk around there a lot and move as much as I can.

“In terms of diet, I just try to be sensible. I’ve got a very sweet tooth so I try very hard to keep that at bay! But I make sure that I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, as well as oily fish which they say is good for osteoporosis. Personally, I’ve also made the decision to eat meat only very occasionally nowadays, as research suggests that reducing your meat intake can help to prevent the loss of bone density.

“Of course, vitamin D and calcium are important for healthy bones too, so I take chewable pills to supplement my vitamin D intake and make sure I’m eating enough calcium-rich foods, like yoghurt.

“I wouldn’t say that I’ve necessarily noticed a difference from making these changes, but rather I pride myself on the fact that it doesn’t feel as though it’s got any worse and things are stable.”

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