“I’m so glad I did it” – how Stella downsized her life

One of the biggest challenges of moving home, at any age, is making new social connections.

Telling us a little about her experience, which she believes can become more difficult the older you get, Stella says, “It’s quite hard [to connect] at this age, because most people have already got all their friends and they don’t need any more, and it’s not like I’m off taking the kids to school or things like that. So, you have to go out there and make them yourself.”

And make them she did. Though it can be tricky to meet new people and form lasting friendships without the built-in social structures where many of us met our earliest friends – school, university, your place of work, for example – Stella took matters into her own hands…

“Myself and another lady have organised a coffee morning that we go to every Wednesday”.

Stella also tells us that she’s found a great deal of fulfilment through locally organised events. She explains, “I’ve [also] joined the University of the Third Age, which is a very good organisation. It’s for retired university people, and there’s all sorts of things to do there. They do bridge, jazz, pilates, dinner dating, everything – they really do a lot. It’s very good, but it’s taken a while to get things going because of Covid.”

The University of the Third Age (U3A) is a collection of over 1000 charities working across the UK to provide all sorts of entertaining and educational social experiences for those no longer in work. If you’re inspired by Stella’s experience and would like to see what the U3A’s offering near you, check out their website, here.

Stella’s experience with integrating into a new social scene was tricky at first, and the Covid-19 pandemic made the wait a little longer than expected – but in the end, she found her place and her people.

Though Stella moved into Latheram House on her own, she wasn’t entirely alone – her cat Tom has been along for the ride since the beginning.

As a result, Stella says that it wasn’t just herself who’d been going through some lifestyle changes as a result of the move. We asked her about how he’d settled into their new home…

“I had a right time of it at the beginning, because of course when we were living in the country he was out hunting and everything, and of course here it’s [more urban].”

But, thankfully, Tom’s lifestyle has changed along with Stella’s and, just like her, he’s also happily settled in and enjoying his new home.

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