Is going back to work after retirement the right move for me?

Going back to work after retiring doesn’t necessarily mean going back to your previous job, or even your previous industry. It can instead be an opportunity to explore exciting new avenues. Maybe there was a career that you always wanted to pursue but, for whatever reason (maybe the pay was too low or the hours weren’t suitable) you didn’t. Well, this might be the right time to give it a go.

Working can provide us with a sense of empowerment because it’s often a place where we’re needed, relied upon, and respected. Therefore, when this is lost, it’s common for retirees to feel a lack of purpose and fulfilment, and a yearning to contribute to something. As a result, many older adults are using their retirement period to pursue what’s becoming known as an ‘encore career’.

An encore career is the pursuit of a new vocation that contributes to society in a social or public way. Becoming a teacher, a nurse or a carer are great examples of popular encore careers. Helping others is a great way to re-establish a sense of purpose and fulfilment that you might find is lacking in retirement. Plus, learning a new vocation can be a great way to stimulate the brain and keep it healthy.

If the idea of an encore career sounds appealing, then you might find some further inspiration in our interview with 68-year-old Dee Flower who, after eight months of retirement, started an entirely new role in charity work.

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