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We don’t have a lot of time to waste, boys and girls! If you’ll be betting on European PGL Major RMR Group B, you’ll have to act quickly because the first matches start in less than 24 hours. That’s right, tomorrow is the magical day, April 21st. The competition will spread across four days, with the final round being scheduled for April 24th.

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PGL Major EU RMR Group B – Overview and Schedule

There’s $85,000 in the prize money, but it all falls into the shadow of the real reason why these 16 teams are playing here. You’ve guessed it, I’m referring to PGL Major spots.

Eight of them are up for grabs, and we can rest assured the PGL Studio Bucharest’s action won’t disappoint.

Only Three Spots Lead to the Legends Stage

If you’ll be investing money into CSGO betting today/tomorrow, you should know the basics behind the complexity of this competition. There are sixteen participants, but only eight of them will see the light of day at the PGL Major next month.

Top three teams will advance to the Legends stage, with five additional Challengers Stage slots up for grabs. This distribution is somewhat different to EU RMR Group A which had four Legends and four Challengers slots… but I mean, just take a look at the competitiveness of both groups and you’ll understand everything.

First Round Schedule

Here are the matches scheduled for tomorrow, April 21st:

G2 vs. Anonymo
Entropiq vs. Bad News Eagles
NiP vs. Endpoint
HEET vs. Sinners
Players vs. Sangal
Astralis vs. ASG
CPHF vs. Sprout
ENCE vs. Spirit

There are a few interesting matches here, especially ENCE vs. Spirit and CPHF vs. Sprout. These could drastically shape up group B ahead of the second round of matches.

Predictions for Betting on European PGL Major RMR Group B

Here’s what we have in store for you as far as this section is concerned:

G2 Boys Have to Assert Dominance

G2 logoThat’s right, G2 simply has to emerge victorious here and qualify for the Legends Stage… otherwise all the moves they’ve made over the last couple of months will be in vain. M0NESY and Aleksib have been pretty good, especially the young prodigy that’s been absolutely brilliant at times. The seasoned IGL has given G2 a bit more balance on the defensive end and in clutch situations… but it’s still not enough to warrant nexa’s departure.

NiKo just can’t seem to catch his lucky break. Even though he’s now surrounded with quality players across all positions, G2 are nowhere near the form they should be in with just weeks separating them from the next Major.

And remember, they reached the grand finals in Stockholm prior to their major roster alteration, so anything but winning the Major now would be considered as a poor outing, right? Well, if we’re going by pure logic, that’s the truth.

G2 will open up group B with Anonymo. It’s a bo1 in which G2 really should display the true palette of their potential. Everything but a dominant victory (we’re talking single digit rounds for Anonymo here) will be a huge disappointment. It won’t raise immediate red flags, but it wouldn’t be far from that either.

Long story short, G2 boys have to assert dominance in group B… and I for one believe they will!

NiP and Players Chasing the Legends Stage

NiP-logoNinjas in Pyjamas will need to step their game up and teach Brollan how to act in crucial matches. Heck, this whole competition is one big crucial match for NiP, as they need to do everything in their power to go through as a Legends Stage team.

On the bright side, Ninjas in Pyjamas are among the favorites, together with Gambit (AKA Players) and G2. But, the list of challengers is quite lengthy and, realistically speaking, anything can happen in best-of-one matchups. NiP will not only need to play well, they’ll need a fair share of luck too.

As for Players AKA Gambit, there’s not really much to be said about them. They’re far from their best form, though if we are to judge their ESL PL S15 performances, they’re not that bad. There’s still a lot of room for improvement, and that’s something I look forward to in EU RMR group B.

Long story short, if you’ll be betting on European PGL Major RMR Group B, Players (Gambit) seem like a solid choice.

Astralis, ENCE, and Entropiq Fancying an Upset

Last but not least, let’s talk about three teams everyone expects to qualify for the Major, but teams that still have somewhat strong Legends Stage tendencies. As the heading implies, we’re referring to Astralis, ENCE, and Entropiq.

Let’s start off with Astralis. They no longer have their core, and despite filling the spots with quality players, the Great Danes just can’t hit the ground running. Ever since the start of the season, Astralis haven’t been playing well. They’re inconsistent, their map pool is not the best, and their key players just can’t win clutches.

As for ENCE, they could be a massive threat to everyone in group B. In short, the Finns are a potent dark horse here, and their opponents will have to be extra careful against ESL Pro League S15 grand finalists.

At the end of it all, I reckon Entropiq has the best shot at snatching one of the three Legends Stage spots… should G2, NiP, or Players slip up on their way to glory. That’s not to say Astralis and ENCE are bad (especially ENCE since they’re in exceptional form), I just see Entropiq as a team that will be heavily underestimated. They have a notable surprise factor and history shows they know how to profit from it.

Wrapping Things Up

There’s not a lot of time to waste, boys and girls. As mentioned earlier, the second group of European RMR starts tomorrow and will go on for just a couple of days.

If you want to get your bets in, you should start planning your course of action right away.

With that in mind, thanks for reading the whole piece.

May the odds be in your favor!

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