Meet Connie and Margie – the amazing GrandNannies spending their 60s caring for children

Individual requirements, such as working hours, location, ability to work with pets, and the age and number of children they’re happy to care for are taken into account to determine which family a GrandNanny is paired with. As a result, each role will be slightly different, depending on the family, the age of the children, and the childcare needs.

Connie explains, “The ages of the children that you care for can vary – it depends on your own requirements and the family that you’re paired with. For example, I currently care for a family with an eight-year-old child and an 18 month old baby. The amount of days that you work is also based on an agreement with the family.”

Connie currently works four days a week and is with her second family since becoming a GrandNanny. Explaining more about what her role involves, Connie says, “I go to the school at closing hour and pick the children up to take them home, and then just spend the rest of the evening with them – until about 6pm or 7pm – depending on when the parents return home. 

“I make dinner and we do fun things together – we can play, we can read, we can do crafts, I can help them tidy up their bedroom – all things that you’d usually do with children. Every day is different, and if the weather allows then sometimes we will go to the library or the park too.” 

Margie has so far worked with one family since becoming a GrandNanny in March last year. She says, “My most recent GrandNanny role was during the Covid-19 lockdown. I covered childcare for the family either in the morning and early afternoon, or late afternoon and early evening. 

“In the mornings, I’d go to the family’s home and make breakfast, help tidy up the kitchen, and then depending on the day, I’d take the children to the park, or we’d go for lunch. It was mainly about looking after the little ones and giving mum a bit of time-out.”

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