Men’s hair loss – causes, treatment and solutions

We don’t tend to think about it too often, but like any other part of the body, our hairs are made up of organic materials that we get from our diets. Hair is constructed from the protein, keratin. So a deficiency of protein can be to blame for dry and brittle hair – and even hair loss in more extreme cases.

Making sure you’re including enough protein in your diet can help you to curb or prevent deficiency-related hair loss, and you can do this by eating more fish and seafood, chicken and turkey, and dairy products like milk and yoghurt, to name a few.

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Iron is another mineral that’s important for healthy hair. Anaemia (caused by low iron levels) can interrupt the flow of nutrients from the blood vessels to the hair follicles – and starved hairs are likely to die off and fall out.

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Finally, we’ve all been hearing a lot about vitamin D lately due to the pandemic – but you might not be aware that it plays an important role in hair health. Studies have shown that vitamin D stimulates hair follicles, which means that a deficiency can lead to slower hair growth, and even alopecia.

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