Nine superstars left as EPT Online Main Event reaches final table

The EPT Online 2021 Main Event is a classic. The final table will feature defending champion “WhatIfGod” along with PokerStars Ambassadors Ramon “RamonColillas” Colillas and Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle. Colillas keeps pace at the top of the counts ahead of the Tuesday showdown.


Only nine players remain in contention for the $5,200 EPT Online 2021 Main Event title, which comes along with $363,640.89 and the coveted trophy. The stacked final table is led by PokerStars Ambassador Ramon Colillas, who has kept pole position for two consecutive nights.

Also in the spotlight will be WhatIfGod, who has been phenomenal in both EPT Online Main Event editions. The 2020 champion currently sits in third place, aiming for a spectacular back-to-back victory.

‘bencb789’ is among the final nine

The final table promises a fantastic battle with all nine finalists boasting stellar poker pedigrees. Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph, Bruno “great dant” Volkmann, Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress, Pedro “pvigar” Garagnani, PokerStars Ambassador Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle, Eduardo “Eduardo850” Silva, and Orpen “OrpTheTurk” Kisacikoglu will be joining Colillas and WhatIfGod at the felt.

PokerStars TV will be streaming the action from 19:30 CET. The cards-up broadcast will be available on YouTube and Twitch.

The remaining players are already guaranteed $41,259.06 apiece, having navigated through the 402-entry field. The $2,010,000 prize pool was divided among the top 48 places.

EPT Online Main Event final table chip count:
Ramon “RamonColillas” Colillas, Andorra, PokerStars Ambassador, 20,433,453
Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph, Austria, 18,745,546
WhatIfGod, Sweden, 16,549,204
Bruno “great dant” Volkmann, Brazil, 14,094,033
Daniel “Oxota” Dvoress, Canada, 9,659,742
Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle, Austria, PokerStars Ambassador, 4,797,802
Eduardo “Eduardo850” Silva, Brazil, 3,433,734
Orpen “OrpTheTurk” Kisacikoglu, United Kingdom, 3,402,564

Elsewhere in EPT Online:


BlackyOrange’s winning moment (Click to enlarge)

Argentinian player BlackyOrange topped a massive field of 2,530 entries in Event 31: $530 NLHE [8-Max, EPT Online Cup] to score a career-high $185,247.81 payday.

The tournament concluded after BlackyOrange hit the top pair on a jack-high flop. UK’s FKREDSTAR45 opted for a bet-three-bet all-in line with a middle pair of eights and BlackyOrange called off. The rest of the board bricked out and FKREDSTAR45 had to settle for the $132,050.44 second-place prize.

The 2,530-entry field created a $1,265,000 prize pool, which was divided by the top 319 finishers.

EPT Online 31: $530 NLHE [8-Max, EPT Online Cup] results:
1st – BlackyOrange, Argentina, $185,247.81
2nd – FKREDSTAR45, United Kingdom, $132,050.44
3rd – hszabi95, Hungary, $94,130.16
4th – XxLimao99xX, Austria, $67,099.14
5th – jdtjpoker, Mexico, $47,830.66
6th – Maxim737, United Kingdom, $34,095.29
7th – icedavid, Hungary, $24,304.31
8th – seijistar, Brazil, $17,325.06
9th – echoscience, Canada, $12,349.94


Monday brought the mixed-game players to the PokerStars felt with the rescheduled Event 28: $2,100 HORSE [8-Max, High Roller] taking place. The tournament drew 44 entries and Canadian player Camilancefieldg topped the contest, earning $37,000.

The best six finishers reached paid places, sharing $100,000 in prize money. Poland’s jerryfci finished second for $25,000, while Espen Sandvik claimed the $15,000 third-place prize.

EPT Online 28: $2,100 HORSE [8-Max, High Roller] results:
1st – Camilancefieldg, Canada, $37,000
2nd – jerryfci, Poland, $25,000
3rd – sennj, Norway, $15,000
4th – Fresh_oO_D, Austria, $10,000
5th – Chillolini, Norway, $7,500
6th – sandman201, Canada, $5,500


A win for Camel (click to enlarge)

Event 30: $215 NLHE [Progressive KO] ran until Tuesday morning hours, with the deep structure allowing players a lot of manoeuvering space. In the end, Brazilian player Daniel “fauzika1” Camel conquered the 3,435-entry competition, picking up $67,250.86.

Camel tangled with juswhackit from Ecuador heads-up, and the duel finished after an all-in preflop clash. Camel’s pair of sevens faded jushwackit’s overcards with ace-nine to end the Day 2 marathon.

The large field brought the prize pool up to $687,000, half of which was reserved for the top 431 finishers. The other half was paid out through progressive bounties.

EPT Online 30: $215 NLHEE [Progressive KO] final table:
1st – fauzika1, Brazil, $67,250.86 (incl. $25,163.48 from bounties)
2nd – juswhackit, Ecuador, $48,765.28
3rd – Kelvin_FP:AR, Brazil, $35,877.93
4th – rbh4970, Denmark, $21,574.63
5th – KushGodDZA, United Kingdom, $18,599.08
6th – John_Fishboy, Austria, $12,595.10
7th – Mastermandel, Austria, $8,379.84
8th – 810ofclubs, United Kingdom, $6,010.10
9th – Ervedosa, Brazil, $4,353.47

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