PGL Major Antwerp Betting Preview

We already know who’s going to the PGL Major Antwerp from the American RMR. We know all six teams, all Challengers and all Legends. As expected, FURIA will be joining the European powerhouses from the Legends stage, whereas others will have to fight their way through. We’ll soon know the Asian contenders too, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

As the title implies, we’re here to talk about betting on PGL Major Antwerp groups. Yep, for those of you who aren’t in the know, the European RMR has been divided into two groups, each of which will feature eight Major contenders.

The European powerhouses are split up, but not really that evenly. Right off the bat, we can say group A is vastly stronger than group B. This will, of course, influence our PGL Major Antwerp betting opportunities, so bear with us as we talk you through the most important aspects of the big CSGO betting lines this month.

Where to Bet on PGL Major Antwerp EU RMR?

Needless to say, the PGL Major Antwerp is going to be among the biggest CSGO competitions this year. That said, even though these RMR contests aren’t that lucrative, their importance is off the charts because of the sole fact they have PGL Major spots up for grabs.

Unsurprisingly, though, the betting coverage for these RMR contests is through the roof. Bookies started offering lines as soon as we knew the first EU RMR group A matchups. This tells you enough about the importance of CSGO betting in 2022 at CSGO betting sites, that’s for sure.

PGL Major Antwerp EU RMR Betting Preview – Interesting Facts

The American RMR is already wrapped up. We know that FURIA will be representing the region from the Legends Stage, with MIBR and Imperial starting off from the Challengers Stage. The Americas have three additional Contenders Spots too.
The Asian-Pacific RMR starts later today and will give us two additional contenders. TyLoo and Renegades seem like the likeliest candidates, though they’ll be in for quite the show today and tomorrow.
Both groups A and B will be played as a 16-team swiss system format packed with bo1 matches. Elimination and Advancement matches will be bo3, with the Buchholz system used for seeding rounds 3 to 5.
The top eight teams from each group will find their place on the PGL Major – top four as Legends, fifth to eight-place as Challengers. Bottom half of teams from each group will be out of the PGL Major equation.
Group A starts on the 17th and group B starts on the 21st. If you’re eager to get things going, you can already start placing bets on the first round of matches in group A.

EU RMR Betting Preview – Most Notable Group A Teams

As mentioned in the introduction, group A looks a lot stronger and will undoubtedly be more competitive than group B. It starts this Sunday, right on Easter, and will give us four Legends and four Challengers.

Here are closer looks at five teams that will be in the main Legends Tier discussions as far as group A goes:


NaVi-logoConsidering the latest turn of events, Natus Vincere are no longer considered as the best team in the world. That flattering title now belongs to in-form Faze Clan who’ve won two straight tier A events. Yep, a back-to-back title for ropz-powered Faze Clan… crazy, huh?

But, that doesn’t mean NaVi have fallen out of grace. It’s quite the contrary, actually. The CIS champions will be fancying their chances, feeling hopeful that they can get their flattering title back. S1mple and the boys aren’t in the best of forms, but their individual strengths and the ability to explode at any given moment is what sets them apart from direct competitors.

Natus Vincere are going to qualify for the Major as one of four Legend-tier teams from group A. Which one? Well, most likely first, but group A is bound to be way too competitive for me to say that with enough certainty.


Heroic-logoMoving on with our PGL Major Antwerp betting preview, let’s talk about Heroic. What used to be one of the best teams in the world is now merely a shell of its former self. Well, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration. After all, Heroic won Pinnacle Winter Series #3 as well as finished in semifinals of IEM XVI Katowice.

Still, we’re talking about the team that was considered as the most consistent team in the world for a big portion of last year. It was always going to be difficult for them to keep that title, especially without bringing in any new players.

So, what can we expect from Heroic here?

Well, for starters, I am positive we’ll see them finish top four and snatch a spot on the PGL Major Legends Stage. As for which particular spot they’ll finish on, it’s way too difficult to tell.

Much of their performance will depend on stavn. He’s emerged as the leader of men this year and is showing no signs of stopping. If he can get another fantastic campaign like he has on Pinnacle Winter Series #3, we might see Heroic do wonders in PGL Major Antwerp RMR EU Group A.

Outsiders logoOutsiders AKA are next on our list of notable teams from PGL Major Antwerp RMR EU Group A. What can we expect from them? Are they going to represent CIS from the Challengers Stage or do they have it in themselves to see this one through successfully and clinch a spot from the Legends Stage?

Well, I’m afraid it all comes down to whether or not Jame and YEKINDAR can make the necessary plays in group A. There are lots of quality teams here and these two will have to bring their A-game if VP want to go through as Legends.

Jame has been solid in recent months, but I’m afraid the same can’t be said for YEKINDAR. Latvian prodigy has been struggling lately, so VP fans better hope he can turn a new page and lead his team to glory. are set to start off their RMR journey against Unique. They should have an easy, laid-back bo1 opener… but one in which YEKINDAR will have to prove his worth and get his aim going, otherwise it might not be enough for him to bring VP the much-needed Legends-tier spot.


Vitality-logoI am not sure what to say about Vitality. I just can’t fathom how they’re not among the best teams in the world right now. With the arrivals of dupreeh and Magisk, I (and everyone else in the CSGO esports community) expected Vitality to play better than ever before.

However, looking back at their poor results, it’s apparent that Vitality just can’t be placed in the same basket with the likes of NaVi and Faze… at least not in the current shape, that is.

What seems to be wrong? Well, it’s not ZywOo, that’s for sure! Even though the young Frenchmen is now getting increasingly more frustrated with his team’s performances, his overall contributions are still off the charts.

If I had to guess, I’d say the switch from French to English language for in-game communication has left a big problem within the team. It’s nothing that can’t be solved, but I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot more time than what the folks over at vitality had initially planned.

While I want to believe Vitality will go through as a Legends team, we might see them fail miserably. It wouldn’t be the first time this year, but fingers crossed it doesn’t happen. I would be a shame to watch a Major without ZywOo…

Faze Clan

Lastly, Faze Clan! According to HLTV world rankings following the end of ESL Pro League Season 15, Faze Clan is the best team in the world right now! Funnily enough, this happened to Faze Clan AFTER they got rid of NiKo who had often been touted as by far the best player the organization ever had.

But, ropz has achieve impressive heights with Faze Clan and he seems to be just starting out. Of course, it would be silly to say it’s all thanks to ropz, though the ex-mousesports star did have his say in the latest Faze Clan titles.

Remember, Faze Clan haven’t just won ESL Pro League Season 15 but IEM XVI Katowice as well. These two events alone have given them just shy of $600,000 in prize money. Considering this form, it would be outright ridiculous to see them fail to contend for a Legends Stage spot in group A.

But, then again, group A will be a lot more competitive than group B and, realistically speaking, anything could happen. If Twistzz and Ropz have a poor campaign, Faze Clan’s performances could suffer… though I still don’t think they’d go any lower than fifth place leading to the Challengers Stage.

EU RMR Betting Preview – Most Notable Group B Teams

Even though group B isn’t likely going to be as competitive as group A, there are still several outstanding competitors that’ll give G2 and Players a proper run for their money. Are we finally going to see G2 go through a quality campaign or will they suffer through this one and finish off with a measly Challengers Status or, God forbid, even miss out on the PGL Major spectacle?

Let’s see…

G2 Esports

G2 logoG2 Esports are supposed to be the primary candidates for taking the top spot in group B. We don’t have any concrete lines as to who’s going to win the group, but we’re certain G2 and Players (read Gambit) are the most serious contenders here.

Even though G2 kicked 2022 off by acquiring Aleksib and m0NESY, their results thus far haven’t exactly perfectly depicted these two additions. Both have had an impact on G2, but not necessarily a positive one. You see, G2 are playing quality, aggressive and overall pleasant-to-watch CSGO. But, they’re coming into this RMR tournament following a terrible performance on ESL Pro League Season 15.

And, mind you, it’s not even their first terrible performance this year. Remember BLAST Premier Spring Groups?

Overall G2 will need NiKo, hunter and m0NESY to showcase what they’re made of. These three players have sky-high fragging potential and it would be about time we see all three of them show up for the occasion at one single event.


NiP-logoIt’s a done deal, boys and girls! NiP finally have a proper replacement for dev1ce who’ll most likely never play for NiP again. Yes, I know this information hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I reckon there’s more to his inactivity than a simple medial leave. Dev1ce wants to go back to playing for Astralis, that I’ll tell you right away.

Back to NiP, though, Brollan has finally arrived and is bound to make an immediate impact. ESL Pro League Season 15 was his first real event for new colors, and let’s just say NiP finished in the semifinals. Brollan finished the event without a match, though, which wasn’t that surprising considering the fact NiP aced the group stage without him.

But, now that he’s in the starting lineup, we’re going to see him build things from the ground up. Ninjas in Pyjamas won’t need to change much of their gameplay to accommodate Brollan. The Swedish youngster will be quick to adapt no matter what, and I for one believe he’ll be one of their key players on this RMR contest.


Gambit-logoGambit AKA players (because of Russia sanctions) are definitely the number one team in group B. I know, I know, many label G2 as the strongest team here, but I’d like to point Gambit out as the definitive force that will determine everything in group B.

Why do I think so?

Well, for starters, Gambit have been among the most consistent CSGO teams this year. They won Funspark ULTI, played well in Katowice, and had a solid run on ESL Pro League Season 15 too. Their biggest nemesis this year seems to be Faze Clan who’ve already stopped them twice in decisive matches.

Luckily for them, Faze Clan are in group A which means players (read Gambit) have wide-open doors to quality for the Major as Legends. Of course, sh1ro and Ax1Le will have to provide their team with top-notch contributions if this is to happen.

It won’t be too much for players of their caliber, though. If we take a look at their form since the start of the year, we’ll realize they’re in a position from which they can run circles around everyone else. That’s what Gambit (cough Players cough) needs to snatch a Legends Stage spot, no doubt about it!


Overall, Entropiq has had a rather solid season thus far. Their biggest achievement is undoubtedly the secnd place on Funspark ULTI back in late January They took the stage by storm and almost went all the way, if it weren’t for in-form Gambit who outclassed them with 2:0 as the final result.

But, they didn’t let that discourage them from combining several solid campaigns. Of course, we’re talking about tier B events here, with ESL Pro League S15 being the only exception. Truth be told, Entropiq were good but they could’ve played even better. In the end, the CIS boys ended up losing to Astralis in a decisive match that could’ve easily gone the other way around.

Form-wise, El1an and Forester are the men of the hour for Entropiq. They’ve been in absolutely brilliant form this year, especially on Funspark ULTi which they used to showcased their utmost talent. If they can get another good event here, Entropiq will surely contend for one of the four spots leading into the Legends Stage next month.


Last but not least, Astralis! Even though this new lineup was supposed to do great things in 2022, Astralis just can’t make anything good happen. Event in and event out, they keep succumbing to the pressure which typically results in quick exits, even from the smaller tournaments like Funspark ULTI.

Most recently, Astralis got eliminated from ESL Pro League Season 15 by FURIA of all teams. Prior to that, G2 was their eliminator on IEM XVI Katowice. The current Astralis roster just can’t seem to get things up and running, and it shows.

It’s not even about consistency anymore – they just aren’t able to defeat the strongest teams out there. But, that does suggest they will manage to qualify for the PGL Major in Belgium since the competition isn’t that difficult.

Mind you, Astralis is a part of the weaker group, group B. We still don’t know who they’ll play against in the first round and how that Swiss system will pan out. What we do know is that, despite poor performances in recent months, Astralis are among the main contenders to snatch a spot on the Legends Stage.

Wrapping Things Up

I guess that’s it as far as our PGL Major Antwerp EU RMR betting preview goes.

Here are some key takeaways:

Group A RMR starts this Sunday and will feature the likes of NaVi, Heroic, Outsiders, and Vitality, among many others.
Group B RMR starts on the 21st and will feature the likes of G2, Players, NiP and Astralis, among many others.
You can already place your bets on the first group A RMR matchups. The variety is fine, and the odds look nice.
All major esports betting sites will be thoroughly covering RMR action, which is not surprising considering all that’s at stake here.

And that about wraps up this piece.

As always,

May the odds be in your favor!

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