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Season’s greetings everybody and welcome to the PokerStars Blog Quiz of the Year 2021. You’ll find 25 teasing questions below, covering all the comings and goings in the world of PokerStars and beyond over the past 12 months.

It’s multiple choice, and no questions are too difficult. You can also refresh your memory by clicking the links hidden throughout the quiz. Enjoy!


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#1. After New Jersey in 2016 and Pennsylvania in 2019, PokerStars welcomed players from which U.S. state in January 2021?

PokerStars launches in MichiganIt was the Wolverine State of Michigan, and the inaugural MICOOP followed very soon after the launch.

#2. What was previously the Winter Series got a new name in January 2021. What was it?

Blowout SeriesThis was the Blowout Series, featuring 265 tournaments and more than 2 million entries.

#3. Which Hollywood star hosted a star-studded home game on PokerStars to raise money for various charities?

Although Cera, Cheadle and Hamm all played, Hank’s Home Game was hosted by Hank Azaria.

#4. What poker-related celebration took place on February 7?

Look at the date. It’s 7/2 (or 2/7, depending on where you are), the perfect day for poker bluffers, on International Bluff Day.

#5. Despite limited opportunities for live poker, EPT Sochi went ahead in March, where the Main Event was won by Artur Martirosyan. He is better known on the online tables as…

The clue is in the name. Martirosyan goes by “mararthur1”, where he is a beast.

#6. Which streamer won the Sunday Million 15th Anniversary Special Edition, and $1.5 million?

It was Vanessa Kade, who told us: “I feel like there’s no way for this not to change my life.”

#7. Who is this player, who was in the spotlight during SCOOP in April 2021?

That’s Rinat “Zapahzamazki” Lyapin, who became SCOOP Player of the Series only a few months after he was WCOOP Player of the Series too.

#9. The pandemic meant Lex Veldhuis had to cancel his “Lex Live” get-together, planned for May. But what tournament series ran in its place?

Lex couldn’t be live, but there was no problem with Lex Not Live.

#10. Which poker pro, who came to prominence after winning a satellite, released a book titled Poker Satellite Success in May?

"Poker Satellite Success" by Bernard LeeIt was Bernard Lee, who finished 13th in the 2005 WSOP Main Event. We published an excerpt from Poker Satellite Success.

#11. A player named “Brelarsssssssss” became the first representative from which country to win a title in a major PokerStars series, when they won a $109 buy-in freezeout during Bounty Builder Turbo Series?

Brelarsssssssss put Cambodia on the map with this breakout win. Here’s how the full series went down.

Origin of playing card suits and the symbols

#12. Although all suits are equal in most poker variants, which suit is considered “highest” in razz, where the player with the highest door card has to pay the bring-in?

It’s spades. We looked at the origins of playing card suits and symbols, back in June.

#13. Back in July, we looked at five of the best poker quotes. Who said the following: “Limit poker is a science, but no-limit is an art. In limit, you are shooting at target. In no-limit, the target comes alive and shoots back at you.”?

That one came from poker Hall of Famer Crandall Addington (though the others are pretty good for a quote too).

#14. Which poker movie is described as doing “for stud poker what The Hustler did for pool”?

This is the 1965 Steve McQueen classic The Cincinnati Kid, which came under the microscope as we examined poker movies in July.

#15. Which German pro became a Team PokerStars Ambassador in August?

It was the legend known as “bencb789”, aka Benjamin Rolle.

#16. “calvin7v” won a sixth WCOOP title when the World Championship of Online Poker got under way in August. Who is behind the online name?

It’s the Finnish crusher Jussi Nevanlinna, who is also a former WCOOP Player of the Series. Here are the players with the most WCOOP titles.

The Card Counter (dir. Paul Schrader, 2021)

#18. Who was the “poker consultant” on the Paul Schrader movie The Card Counter?

Schrader put his trust in Stapes for the film that opened in September.

#19. Fifteen players won more than one title during this year’s WCOOP. Who was NOT among them?

This time Rui Ferreira barely played WCOOP, and missed out on a title entirely. Here’s the full list of double winners, and other statistical facts.

#20. This year’s “Dare To Stream” contest offered the chance of what prize to the best poker streamer of the year?

All would be amazing prizes, but none better than a full year wearing the red spade.

#21. The first PSPC Platinum Pass was given out to the winner of the Cardplayer Lifestyle mixed game festival in Las Vegas in October. Who won it?

It was Fossilman Greg Raymer, who’ll be heading off the PSPC when its new dates are confirmed.

#22. In November, we looked back at some of the highlights of 20 years of PokerStars, in our Big 20 celebrations. In 2013, the Monte Carlo EPT Main Event had what has been described as the best final table of any poker tournament ever. Who won it?

All four superstars were in the final eight, but Steve O’Dwyer beat them to the title.

#23. In what year was the biggest cash-game pot ever played on PokerStars?

Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies

The pot was for $421,826 and was won by Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies in 2011. We talked about that hand, and more, in our celebration of the nosebleed cash games.

#24. Which poker great made his first ever podcast appearance on Poker In The Ears in December?

Erik Seidel

He usually lets his chips do the talking, but James and Joe persuaded Erik Seidel to spill the beans.

#25. The Big 20 Players Awards celebrated the most memorable moments from 20 years of PokerStars. Which player won two of the 10 categories?

It was Daniel Negreanu, who impressed voters with his bluffing and acting technique. See all the winners.

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