Shop loyalty schemes: What are your points worth?

How the scheme works: You’ll get one Tesco Clubcard point for every pound you spend at Tesco online or in store. You’ll also get one point for every two pounds you spend when you fill up your car at a Tesco petrol station.

You’ll also benefit from the ‘Clubcard Prices’ scheme, which offers Clubcard holders significant discounts off of a range of products. Any items that are included in the scheme are marked with a promotional sticker, letting you know just how much you could save with your Clubcard

What are points worth? Every point is worth a penny if you redeem your points when shopping in store, so you’d need 500 points to get £5 to spend in store. If you’ve got 150 points or more, they’ll usually be sent out in vouchers to you every three months.

However, if you put your points towards Reward partner vouchers instead, they can be worth up to three times as much, so your 500 points could bag you a reward valued at £15.

For example, current partner deals include meals at Italian restaurant chain Pizza Express, where every 50p in vouchers can be turned into £1.50 to spend there. If you’re looking to cut holiday costs, every £5 in vouchers can be turned into £15 to put towards a holiday with Al Fresco Holidays.

You can find out more about how to spend your Tesco vouchers here.

When do points expire? Vouchers are valid for two years after they’ve been issued,or 21 months if you have requested Faster Vouchers.

If you think you’ve got points you might have forgotten about, you can get back the last couple of years of unused vouchers by logging into the Tesco Clubcard site and going to the ‘vouchers’ section under your Clubcard account. This will then show you any unspent vouchers, which you can either use online or print to use in-store. Alternatively you can download the Tesco Clubcard app to check whether you have any misplaced vouchers.

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