Summer-inspired jobs that will make you feel good

Roses are red, violets are blue, becoming a Florist could be the right choice for you! Working with flowers everyday is a great way to connect with nature whilst making a living. People typically think of flowers as products of summer, and just being around them can make you feel more cheerful and positive. 

For most Florists, no two days are ever the same because clients vary and you never know what type of floral creation you’ll be asked to come up with next. People call on Florists during many of life’s major stages and being involved in some of people’s most special occasions can be extremely rewarding. The scale of what people ask for can vary – one day you may be putting together a bunch of flowers for someone’s birthday, and another day you could be creating ten garlands for a summer wedding. But either way – it’s likely you’ll be making someone very happy with your work. 

Floristry isn’t as simple as putting a few flowers in a vase and hoping for the best – there’s plenty of skill and knowledge involved, and many floral arrangements are very intricate. 

One of the best ways to start a career in floristry is to apply for a job as a trainee or an apprentice with a flower company. Or, alternatively you could try taking an accredited learning course and then try setting up your own shop or outdoor flower stall. Why not give it a try, and watch your career blossom?

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