Take your learning to new heights with the University of Cambridge Summer Programme 2022

The Summer Programme can last anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on how many courses a student enrolls on. For each week of study, students select two courses – one for the morning and one for the afternoon. Each course involves five sessions, which take place Monday to Friday.

Teaching is carried out by academics from the University of Cambridge, as well as leading professionals in their fields. There are also two plenary lectures offered each day and a number of evening events and talks to attend.

You’ll find an example of a typical Summer Programme class timetable on the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education website. You can also find a list of courses on offer on this year’s Summer Programme and information on how to apply, here. Or, for tuition and accommodation fee information, click here.

To make sure everyone’s able to participate fully and get the most out of their course’s, the University of Cambridge asks that students familiarise themselves with the course materials beforehand. This includes carrying out any necessary reading and reviewing any literary texts, primary resources, and web links provided by course directors.

During his time in Cambridge, Rolando took part in various courses from the Ancient and Classical Worlds, to Art and Visual Culture, and Business and Entrepreneurship.

He says, “Every single day was like being in paradise for me, I was living my dream attending these classes. My professors were so accessible and answered all of the various questions I had, which I couldn’t so readily access in books.

“I loved the Summer Programme so much that I even went back to do the same Roman Art and Archaeology course twice! The professor took our class to the classics museums in the Faculty of Classics and the Fitzwilliam Museum to discuss topics further and for us to be able to see original archaeological pieces.

“Being a collector of artefacts from the antiquities myself, I really had so much fun and learnt so much on this course.”

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