The 7 types of rest you need to be your most productive self

When faced with a project or task, whether at home or at work, many of us tend to react by dedicating a lot – if not all – of our time towards completing it. But have you ever just stared at a blank screen or piece of paper and wondered why your imagination and motivation just isn’t sparking? This could be down to needing some creative rest.

No one can be creative all the time, and resting is actually an essential part of the creative process. It’s often after we’ve allowed our minds to relax and refresh that our most creative ideas appear.

Sometimes, the most effective way to rest our minds is to give our bodies a workout. For example, one study found that when walking outside, people produced twice as many creative ideas compared with sitting in a room. If walking isn’t your thing, you’ll find plenty of other exercise ideas to get your body moving in the healthy body section of our site.

Stress can also be a barrier to creativity because it gets in the way of our ability to focus. As a result, mindfulness, meditation and breathing exercises are also great forms of creative rest. If you’d like to get started, then why not give one of these 9 best meditation apps a go?

Dedicating time towards your hobbies and interests, as well as getting a good night’s sleep, are some other effective forms of emotional rest.

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