The health benefits of dog walking – even if you don’t have a dog

Borrow my doggy

BorrowMyDoggy is a paid membership service that allows owners to ‘lend’ their dogs to trusted ‘borrowers’. Borrowers take the dogs for walks, have them over for playtime, or even dogsit when their owner is away for multiple days.

If you fancy getting into regular dog walking for your wellbeing – or just for the fun of it – but are unable to adopt your own four-legged friend for one reason or another, then sharing setups like this are a great compromise.

BorrowMyDoggy takes safety seriously, so aspiring borrowers are vetted via a number of safety checks. This means that lenders can relax while their dogs spend time with others, and borrowers can feel reassured by the fact that they’re trusted.

This emphasis on trust is a part of BorrowMyDoggy’s community focus, which makes it another great way to make meaningful new connections. The BorrowMyDoggy website features a number of testimonials from its users who have become firm friends with the people who have shared some quality time with their pets. So it’s not just a useful way to get involved in dog walking, but a great way to expand your social circle.


Tailster is a pet care service that offers tracked and insured dog walking services from paid carers, much like BorrowMyDoggy.

Unlike BorrowMyDoggy, however, Tailster is a platform for independent professional pet care, which means that you could be making money while you walk. Tailster allows carers to set their own rates, and requires review of applications before signing up, for safety purposes.

If you’re interested in starting your own pet care business, you can find out more on Tailster’s website.

Another popular option for aspiring dog walkers or sitters is Rover – which will connect you to a huge network of people across the UK and abroad who are looking to pay someone to sit for their pet.

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