The power of saying no – 8 ways to say no and why it’s important

Babies and young children find it is easy to indicate or say no. If a baby doesn’t want to eat something, they’ll shake their head, turn away, or even keep their mouth firmly shut. Should you be lucky enough to get the food into their mouth, there’s still a strong chance they’ll spit it out. In doing so, they’re simply stating their opinion the only way they know how.

As babies become toddlers, their ability to express their thoughts and feelings increases. They quickly learn to say the word no and understand exactly when to use it.

Based on this, you’d think that we’d only become more efficient and effective at saying or indicating no as we progress through life. Though, this isn’t always the case. Instead, we tend to find it harder, and at times, impossible.

But, knowing when to say no is an important life skill that can help to empower us, give us greater control over our lives, and protect us from becoming stressed or overwhelmed by too many demands.

Saying no also allows us to set boundaries with friends, family, and colleagues. Plus, it can be a confidence booster, because it takes courage.

Below, we’ll take a look at why we have difficulty saying no and how we can improve our ability to say and mean it.

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