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Danny, CFP Student

For my money though, the real benefit of Simple GTO comes from the custom drills feature. Honestly I’ve never looked in too much depth at what’s available with the cloud packs, but for me I’d like to know exactly the parameters used for the sims so I know nothing obvious or that I use/see a lot is excluded.

For this you will need a pro license, and some sims you’ve run yourself. Simple GTO integrates pretty easily with PioSolver, so if you’re run a script over a few situations the files you produced will be ideal. (Don’t know how to script with PioSolver? – learn that plus a whole lot more with the BitB Cash PioSolver Masterclass, from just $77)

There are two main types of custom drill – playing hands and individual nodes. The difference between them in that X let’s you play hands, from flop to river (if you get there), e.g. you have ATo, the board is K43r you face a bet of whatever size, turn 7h etc etc. On the other hand Y let’s you play one specific node over and over again across a random selection of the boards you’ve included in your subset/script. So you might be playing BTN vs BB flop Cbet or check in single raised pots – the program will let you play that node only (you won’t go on to the turn or even face a XR), over and over again with different parts of your range and on different boards.

Both have their own merits – I’d say it’s a little bit more fun to play out entire hands ‘against’ the bot, but it’s much more specific to work on just 1 node rep after rep. It’s worth mentioning aswel – that node can be any node in the sim. So if you save full Pio trees, you could drill BTN vs BB spots once you’ve cbet the flop, turn pairs the bottom card (or is any random card), river is whatever card and you face a block bet. This is super, super useful, as it allows you to rapidly build intuition for the threshold type of hands that might want to fold/call/raise – it might take a month to play 50 of these spots, with Simple GTO you can play that many in 20m. 

One last cool feature – if you set it up right and tell Simple where your PioViewer is located, you can open the solution you played with 1 click and see the full detail on the situation you played.

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