“There are many barriers, but I see it as a means of growing into my best self” – How Abi, 52, is following her dream of being a songwriter

Abi explained that a lot of her music has a clear message, meaning, and purpose behind it. For example, her song, ‘ When a Child Stands Alone’, was written with Syrian refugees in mind, ‘Heart’s Ease’ relates to the effect the pandemic has had upon the world and two of her more recent releases, ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘Shape of Water’, are based around the current climate crisis.

She says, “I only really like to do things if I feel that they’re of value to other people or the world and could actually make a small difference, otherwise I’m not so interested. I like my work to be something of a vibration raiser in some form or another.”

Abi explained that while her journey so far hasn’t necessarily been straightforward, she’s had a number of wins along the way that have reminded her to keep going.

She says, “It hasn’t been linear or logical, but each little step has led onto the next one. For example, when my song, ‘When a Child Stands Alone’, was placed in the top 10 finalists across the globe of a Humanitarian Arts Competition, I was completely stunned and amazed – it was awesome. I kept having these reminders that I was good and should keep going.

“It’s been a busy time recently with ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘Shape of Water’ being released, but it’s exciting because this is really my first professional work, with a producer, in a studio, and with a proper video.

“I have several goals and wishes with my song writing – although I’ve found it’s best to hold these very lightly as it’s not exactly a normal career where things happen in a more structured fashion. I, of course, would like some normal value-based success.

But ultimately, I would love to be part of a wider artistic musical platform that uses music for humanitarian and personal development ends. I would like to use my music to create dialogues about being positive and transformative in the world.”

You can have a watch of the video to hear one of Abi and her band Karuna’s new songs, ‘Tipping Point’. After it’s release, ‘Tipping Point’ was picked to appear at a global environmental online event on World Environment Day.

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