Thinking about joining the gym? Here’s 12 tips to help you get started…

Are you someone who struggles with confidence or motivation when it comes to exercise? If so, then it can help to start off by signing yourself up for a few classes, which are usually included in the price of a full gym membership.

The great thing about going to a class is that chances are, once you’re in there, you aren’t going to turn around and leave halfway through, so you find yourself with no choice but to finish what you started. It can also be a great way to become familiar with different exercise techniques e.g. squats, lunges etc, which can help you with your solo workouts in the gym.

Many people enjoy the social aspect of a class, as it’s a chance to meet like-minded people who’re all working towards similar goals. Classes can also make you feel like you’re all in it together, no matter how tough the workout gets! And this sense of camaraderie can really keep you going. So whether it’s yoga, circuits. or a weights-based class – consider trying at least one and see how you get on.

If you want to try a live class from the comfort of your own home before venturing into a gym, then you could try taking a class virtually first. This can be a good way to ease yourself into the idea of going to the gym, and boost your confidence by proving to yourself that you can do it.

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