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Betting on League of Legends is nothing new. It’s a massive esports betting market that’s been nothing but flourishing over the last couple of years. Mid-season Invitational, more commonly referred to as MSI, is practically the training ground ahead of the LoL Worlds later this year. It’s the tournament that happens every year in between the Spring and Summer Split, and 2022 MSI won’t be any different.

The #MSI2022 Groups:

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If you’d like to bet on the 2022 MSI, you’ll be happy to know Riot Games have announced more details yesterday.

Here’s a closer look:

2022 Mid Season Invitational | Key Details

Key Dates and 2022 MSI Format

The 2022 Mid-Season Invitational starts with the group stage on May 10th. The group stage will run through May 15th, followed by the so-called Rumble Stage (from May 20th to May 24th).

As for the 2022 MSI format, the group stage will feature three groups in total, with two of them consisting of four teams. The third one will feature just three teams, and it will feature a double round-robin system based on nothing but best-of-one clashes.

The two best teams from each group will advance to the Rumble Stage starting on the 20th May. Qualifying for the Rumble Stage means $17,500 in prize money guaranteed. There’s $250,000 in total, with $75,000 going to the winning team.

The Rumble Stage is going to be executed as a single elimination bracket, and the same goes for the Knockout Stage starting on the 27th. There will be no more bo1 matches, only bo5, and the first-place team from Rumble Stage will get to choose either third or fourth team as their semifinal opponent.

The Draw

Here is the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational draw:

Group A

T1 (LCK), Saigon Buffalo (VCS), Team Aze (LLA),DetonatioN FocusMe (LJL)

Group B

Royal Never Give Up (LPL), PSG Talon (PCS), Istanbul Wildcats (TCL), RED Canids (CBLOL)

Group C

G2 Esports (LEC), Evil Geniuses (LCS), ORDER (LCO)

What happened to the fourth group C team, Gam Esports, who won the VCS title? Well, they had to decline their MSI invitation so they can play SEA Games instead.


This year’s Mid-Season Invitational will be held in Busan, South Korea. More precisely, the group stage will be held at the Busan Esports Arena and the remaining two stages will be held at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center.

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