Top driving job ideas that offer flexibility and freedom

Why not drive your career forward by taking on the role of chauffeur? If you’re looking for a professional role that allows you to see life from a different perspective, then this could be the career you’ve been looking for.

Chauffeurs drive individuals or groups of people to their location of choice in either a car, van, or limousine, making sure that their experience is always as enjoyable and problem-free as possible. They’re usually expected to dress smartly, and will always be polite, reliable, and discreet when necessary.

Airports, organisations, and private households hire chauffeurs for a number of different reasons. You may pick people up on a one-off occasion, or have one or two regular clients who you work for exclusively.

A day in the life of a chauffeur can vary depending on who you decide to work for, but it’s usually very interesting and insightful, as you’ll build relationships with clients who lead a range of different lifestyles. You can also end up driving some quite luxurious vehicles, provided by the agency or organisation that you work for.

To become a chauffeur, you’ll need to be calm, confident, and experienced behind the wheel, as well as have a clean full UK driving licence. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired, it can also help to do some further training with the British Chauffeurs Guild, where you can gain access to temporary and permanent chauffeur opportunities.

Many chauffeurs start by working for an organisation or an agency whilst they build up experience, with some then choosing to become self-employed later on – but the choice is yours!

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