Travel Insurance for over 50s

Many insurers are less likely to provide travel insurance cover if you:

Have any undiagnosed symptomsHave received a terminal prognosisAre awaiting any tests, test results, investigationsAre awaiting surgery, or are waiting to be discharged from post-operative checks

This is a fairly vague list, but the following conditions are usually the ones that would fall under this classification: cancer, stroke or serious heart condition, respiratory conditions or conditions that have been diagnosed as terminal. For more information on finding travel insurance if you have cancer, have a look at our article Travel insurance if you have cancer.

While you may not consider youseIf to have a serious illness, if you have been rejected by a number of insurers they may view you to fall into one of the above categories, and you may need to look for insurance as if you do have a serious condition.

A serious or terminal illness does not mean that you can’t travel. There are some specialist insurers that might be able to offer you cover. The easiest way for you to find cover is through the Money Advice Service’s Travel Insurance Directory which is a list of 31 specialist insurers who provide insurance for people who are more likely to need medical intervention while they are away. The British Insurance Brokers Association also has a list of local insurers who may be able to help you.

If you are applying for this type of travel insurance online, the insurers will probably ask you to call a number or  fill out a form with your medical history. If there is ever anything you are unsure about, it is best to call the insurer and speak to them directly.

If you have medical equipment you need to take away with you, it’s important to check that it will be covered by your policy. Another point is to make sure you have a 24-hour helpline available in case you have a medical emergency while you are away.

As well as making sure you have travel insurance in place, it’s a good idea to take the free Global Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you too. This will provide you with free or reduced cost healthcare when travelling in Europe, including medically necessary treatment for pre-existing or chronic conditions. You can apply for a Global Health Insurance card on the official NHS website here.

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