What are the best things about ageing? 20 honest comments from Rest Less members

Attitudes towards ageing are changing. More and more people are embracing the perks of getting older, such as increased confidence, more life experience, and greater freedom.

People are also living longer, happier lives than ever before with the average life expectancy in the UK rising to 81 in 2020 – and many scientists have claimed that today, ‘60 is the new 40’.

These days, there are a growing number of stories about people in their 50s, 60s, and beyond making exciting career changes, enrolling in university, going on new adventures, and/or breaking records.

Take, for example, 52-year-old Abi Rooley-Towle who’s following her dream of being a singer-songwriter; 83-year-old Han Van Doorn who created a life-changing app at 83; and Captain Tom Moore, who raised £38m for the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic by walking laps of his garden.

But outside of these stories, there’s still a lack of dialogue around the everyday, positive sides of ageing, which are just as important.

With this in mind, we asked Rest Less members what they enjoy most about ageing – and we’re pleased to say that the response was incredibly positive (so much so that we ran out of space to include them all!).

We’ve chosen a selection of the responses below. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we did!

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