What can I do with unwanted Christmas gifts?

If the person who’s given you your unwanted present has provided you with a gift receipt, then you should be able to return your gift and swap it for something you do want. There’s usually a specified period on the receipt when you can return the present, typically 28 days, so make sure you take it back within this timeframe.

If you haven’t got any proof of purchase, shops have no legal obligation to let you exchange your gift for something else. Many, however, will agree to do this as a goodwill gesture, so it’s worth asking, especially if it’s clear the goods can’t have been purchased anywhere else.

Remember that if you’ve been given perishable goods such as food or plants, or items like make-up or pierced earrings, you may not be able to return these, so check with the shop in question before you take them back.

If the present you’ve received doesn’t work or is faulty, then under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 the person who bought it has the right to get their money back if the fault has developed within 30 days of purchase. If you discover a fault with your gift within the first six months of having it, it can still be returned to the retailer, and they must either attempt to repair or replace it, or failing that, provide a refund, unless they can prove that the fault wasn’t there when the gift was bought.

You’ll have to let the person who gave you the present know that the gift they’ve given is faulty, as it’s only the purchaser who’s entitled to a refund, repair or replacement and not the recipient.

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