What is a medical ID and why might you benefit from one?

What is a medical ID and why might you benefit from one

A medical ID is a quick and efficient way for anyone that’s looking after you in an emergency (like a first responder, for example) to access all the vital information they need to keep you safe and give you the right treatment. This is particularly important if you’re unable to speak, such as if you’re unconscious, in shock, or you suffer from a medical condition that makes communication difficult.

A MedicAlert medical ID comes in the form of a necklace or bracelet. It’s engraved with the internationally recognised symbol for health and medicine on the front and your most vital, need-to-know information on the back. In addition to your MedicAlert ID, you can carry a wallet card that has additional space for your medication, conditions, or allergies.

Also on the back is MedicAlert’s 24/7 helpline number (which can be contacted from anywhere in the world and in 100 languages and dialects), as well as your unique membership number.

By calling the helpline and quoting your membership number, whoever‘s taking care of you will be able to access your full MedicAlert record. This includes any conditions you live with, medications you may be on, and your emergency contacts – as well as your medical history and any relevant medical documents.

It’ll also include any other relevant information that’s vital in deciding how you should be cared for in an emergency, such as whether you have an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) or a pacemaker.

Your full MedicAlert record will be checked by a registered nurse when you sign up and whenever it’s updated to make sure that all information provided is reliable and medically sound.

Having access to this information will make it easier for first responders and medical professionals to understand any symptoms you’re experiencing, make a quick diagnosis, and give you the treatment that you need. It can also help them avoid giving you any treatment that might not be right for your health condition.

As for the jewellery itself, you can choose from over 60 different styles to make sure that it’s not only something that’ll give you peace of mind but something you’ll enjoy wearing. In addition to your main ID, accessories like wallet cards and helmet tags are also available with MedicAlert.

Most first responders are trained to check for a medical ID in an emergency situation. Bracelets and necklaces are also conveniently located so that they’ll be discovered when medical professionals are performing physical assessments like checking pulse points.

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